The week’s worst dressed: Taylor Schilling, Diana Ross and Rihanna

Celebrities...what were you thinking?!


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The week's worst dressed: Taylor Schilling, Diana Ross and Rihanna

Bleona Qereti1 of 9

Bleona Qereti

We didn't really know who this lady at the AMA's was...We still don't but we know exactly what her boobies look like

Diana Ross2 of 9

Diana Ross

Who presumably flew here

Evangeline Lily3 of 9

Evangeline Lily

Who hasn't waked away with the tablecloth tucked in their pants

Heidi Klum4 of 9

Heidi Klum

Got tangled up in your xmas wrapping did you , Heids?

Jaden Smith5 of 9

Jaden Smith

Come on Will, give the boy a haircut

Katy Perry6 of 9

Katy Perry

This is precisely why you shouldn't throw your rubbihs in the sea. all manner of rubbish gets caught up in those nets

Rihanna7 of 9


We're all glad the skinny jeans rule is starting to fade but this might be taking it a little far

Taylor Schilling8 of 9

Taylor Schilling

Evangelne and the tablecloth, now Taylor's forgotten she tucked her napkin in her top...

Zendaya9 of 9


We kind of like pj chic. But not when the pjs in question belong to Hugh Hefner

It's been a great week for bad fashion! From Diana Ross' bald eagle impression at the AMA's to Rihanna confusing a pair of teepees for some jeans we've been spoilt for choice! Here's those that made the cut

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