11 must-haves from River Island’s first homeware range

If you love their clothes then you NEED these in your life


by Darryl White |

If you're an interiors fiend and don't know that River Island have launched a homeward range then where the hell have you been?

For next level interiors, look no further because River Island have got you covered with the latest in soft furnishings, accessories, and even storage. Yes, you can finally say goodbye to ikea flat packs hun. From animal print to the little trinket touches for your lounge, they've completely nailed it.

River Island have said, "Style doesn't end at our clothes. Where we eat, the fragrance we wear and way we decorate our homes says as much about us as our favourite pair of jeans." Here's our fave bits and pieces from the range.

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Pink Leopard Beaded Cushion £20

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