7 ways to holiday like a celeb in Ibiza

Because, let's face it, we don't earn that Kardashian dollah

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by Dan Tang |
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Ibiza is the undisputed party capital of the world, where everyone from the Kardashians to our favourite Made In Chelsea stars love giving us serious envy from their super-glam social media posts, clogging up our Instagram and Snapchat feeds ALL. SUMMER. LONG.

But what if us normal folk want to live it up in Ibiza like the celebs, or at least fake it on a budget?

Well, here's where heat comes in to give you a helping hand. Follow these seven easy steps and you'll soon be giving Paris Hilton and co a run for their money…

Holiday in Ibiza like a celebrity

1 The party starts as soon as you reach the airport, right? Pop open that £10 prosecco you picked up in duty free, guzzle it down pre-flight and suddenly that cheap 5am budget airline you're flying on won't seem so tragic. Win.

2 Nothing screams the high life than hiring out your own Kardashian-style private villa for you and your friends. No one needs to know about that AirBnB offer you hit up last minute.

Ibiza Three Advertorial

3 Ibiza is reknown for its nightclubs and the 24/7 party culture, so make sure you hit up the hottest hotspots like Ushuaia or Pacha where all the biggest DJs play. Everyone from Calvin Harris to Paris Hilton to David Guetta; name your celeb DJ and Ibiza has them. Pre-drink your way before, so you don't have to fork out those crazy prices for, y'know, half a gin and tonic.

4 Can't get into Avicii's party? Whatevs. Bring the party to your private villa and no-one needs to know. Pop on that Spotify KISSTORY playlist, jump into your private pool and bring on those homemade cocktails. Now that's our kinda party.

5 Make your friends back home green with envy and social media your way around Ibiza, taking selfies everywhere and anywhere, because if it's not on Instagram it didn't really happen, did it? Hit up mobile network Three, who have just extended their Feel At Home service allowing people to use their phone abroad at no extra cost in 42 countries, so you never have to worry about facing that £800 phone bill on your return.

6 Bring along an inflatable animal a la Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Let's face it, it's not a pool party without one. See ya basic blow up bed, hello magical unicorn/swan/exotic animal (Asos is doing an amaaaazing floating pizza right now, FYI).

7 Make like a celeb in their £3,000 yoga retreats and pull a zen pose against the beautiful Ibiza landscape. No one needs to know you're about to scoff a 5 euro pizza and guzzle on endless amounts of cheap foreign beer you found in the local supermercado.

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