90s sports fave Fila is BACK

Bucket hats at the ready

fila shopping

by Ellen Kerry |

Just when you thought all of the fashion things first loved in the 90s had been resurrected and re-worked another bangin’ old school brand pops up. Now, before you get on your Fila soapbox, we're not saying the sports kit died a death. Just that it's been off our fashion radar. And now it's BACK.

Fila, the sportswear brand worn by the hottest boy in school way back when and one your mum would probably have scoffed at, is back and feels fitter ever.

The thick font and unapologetic love for primary shades of this lusty label have taken over as firm hipster faves. Bye minimal sneaks and stealth branding – we’re feeling Fila all over again.

For full-on throwback vibes slip on the printed mini and bucket hat (your bro will be so jeal). The dungarees will look slick with a plain roll neck now and a crop when it’s warmer. For a night time appropes look, the logo joggers teamed with two-strap heels, luxe tee and major hoops is all kinds of yes.

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