ASOS same day delivery has launched and YAAAS

What kind of genius?

Gemma Collins

by Carl Smith |

The world's offered us some great, innovative ideas of late. First, the news that McDonald's are trialling a vegan burger. Then, our fave cult cosmetics brand Glossier started shipping to the UK.

The latest? Um, ASOS has just launched SAME DAY delivery and literally all our Friday night outfit-based fears have been no less than eradicated.

Kim Kardashian

We've been crying out for it for years; and today everyone's fave online retailer launches its same day delivery service. You know what that means, right? You can do your daily browse in the morning, add loads of shit you probably can't afford but will very much buy anyway to your basket and - like magic - said stuff will arrive at your door that very evening.

This. Changes. Everything.

So, what's the catch? Well ASOS is currently only trialling ASOS Instant across London's 122 postcodes; with the brand keen to roll the option out to other major UK cities over the next few months. Hopefully by Christmas, eh?

The service costs £12.95 and you must place your order before 10am Sunday-Friday for 6-10pm the same day.



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