The best Taylor Swift fan gifts to buy if they’ve currently got Midnights on repeat

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Being a Taylor Swift fan is quite the whirlwind. Firstly, Tay Tay dropped a bomb of folklore and evermore in the space of summer 2020, then we got All Too Well (10-Minute Version) and now, of course, it's the era of Midnights - gloriously majestic and has been on a loop since it dropped. Whether they've been there from the start or have jumped on the bandwagon recently, the best Taylor Swift fan gifts are the ones that are really thoughtful - and, really smart, too.

From Bejewelled-inspired earrings and clothes to *that* keyring from the All Too Well short film, there are a tonne of Taylor Swift fan gifts out there that will make them forget about all their champagne problems. You can even snap up a replica of the exact cardigan Taylor Swift wore in her music video of, well, cardigan.

Plus, with all the heartbreak of the US Taylor Swift Eras tour, you might have to just buy a tonne of gifts to get through it. We were going to ask Tay to announce the Europe and International tour next, but we're not sure we could handle the stress of fighting for ticket buying. We'll take a nice Taylor t-shirt instead.

So, for all the Swifties in your life and to really show off the fact that you're Taylor's number one fan, here are the best Taylor Swift fan gifts online, no matter what your favourite album is.

The best Taylor Swift fan gifts out there that aren't just merch


SHOP: Taylor Swift fan gifts to buy your friends (or, yourself)

AFFIRMATIONS In Taylor Swift Lyrics
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For the self-care Swiftie
Taylor Swift's lyrics always help to pick us up and keep us motivated, so it's no surprise that this poser of affirmations from her lyrics is a top present for Swifties.

LittleFreakStore Midnights Bracelet
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For the gemstone-obsessed Swiftie
Taylor said, 'some guy said my aura's moonstone' - and now you can have your own moonstone bracelet to go with it. Midnights-themed bracelets are hot right now, and available whether your fav song is Maroon or You're On Your Own Kid.

Handmade Soft Star Embroidered Folklore Cardigan
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For the folklore Swiftie
If you were there for the chaos of the folklore era (what does Taylor put us through?!), then you'll remember this cardigan appearing in the cardigan video. Now you can get your own version, even down to the embroidered stars on the arms.

Be More Taylor Swift: Fearless Advice on Following Your Dreams and Finding Your Voice
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CREDIT: Amazon

For the bookworm Swiftie
This was made by Swifties, for Swifties. Giving Fearless advice and full of advice on love, friendship, fears and everything in between, this is the perfect wholesome gift to grab.

Karma (Olivia's Version) Classic T-Shirt
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CREDIT: Redbubble

For the cat-loving Swiftie
This one doesn't need much explanation. If you're a true Swiftie, you're well aware of Taylor's cats Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin. Why wouldn't they want a t-shirt with Olivia and Karma lyrics on?

Taylor Swift Reputation Inspired Earrings
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For reputation-loving Swifties
Snakes were everywhere in the reputation era - not to mention that HUGE inflatable snake we saw on the reputation tour. If your fave songs are Ready For It, Look What You Made Me Do and Getaway Car, this one's for you.

Albums As Books Tote Bag
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For holding all your Swiftie gifts in
Because you can never have too many tote bags.

SaharaSundays F**k The Patriarchy Motel Keychain
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For the All Too Well (10 Minute Version) Swiftie
Need we even explain this one? We've been screaming this lyric since Red (Taylor's Version) came out.

Taylor Swift inspired red heart ring
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For the I Bet You Think About Me Swiftie
If you haven't already seen it, the I Bet You Think About Video is simply iconic. Miles Teller, Taylor in a wedding dress and this absolutely gorgeous ring (which we see her smash the wedding cake up with) - it's simply perfection.

Reputation Taylor Swift Crewneck Embroidered Sweatshirt
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For the cosy Swiftie
This jumper encompasses everything that a Swiftie could need - especially if they love the reputation album. A sweatshirt embroidered with lyrics from 'I Did Something Bad', plus snake, moon and crystal features. Absolutely gorg.

NARS Cosmetics Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl
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CREDIT: nars

For the beauty-loving Swiftie
Tay Tay is known for her iconic red lip looks, and it's no secret that she actually uses the exact lip colour 'Dragon Girl' by NARS. A perfect choice for anyone who loves their lippy. Also available in lip pigment and matte lip colour.

Taylor Swift - Midnights Lavender Vinyl LP
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CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

For the vinyl Swiftie
Did you know Urban Outfitters stocks nearly almost all of Tay Tay's vinyls? Even Red (Taylor's Version) and the different Midnights vinyls - they'll never get old.

Karma Taylor Charm Bracelet
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For the Karma-loving Swiftie
Although it's just come out, we can't stop listening to Karma and it makes us want to dance around the house. If you or your Swiftie friend is like that too, you can get Karma-inspired charm bracelets to really show it off. If you're not a fan of Karma but want your own Taylor charm bracelet, this little Etsy shop does a whole variety - from Ivy to All Too Well...

Cardigan / Mirrorball / August / Print Set / Taylor Inspired / Music Poster
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CREDIT: etsy

For the folklore Swiftie
Posters of our fav artists don't have to be so in-your-face, and these sweet prints from the folklore album by a local seller on Etsy will make a good home on any Swiftie's walls.

Polaroid Now White i-Type Instant Camera
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CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

For the 1989-loving Swiftie
Okay, we all know that Taylor simply loves a polaroid. Throwing it back to 1989 with this gift, your Swiftie can have their own 1989 album covers with their own polaroid camera. Super unique.

Happy Birth-TAY! Taylor Swift Birthday Card
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For the birthday Swiftie
If someone special's birthday is coming up, why not go all out with a Taylor Swift-themed bday card? Taylor would be proud.

STAR CUTOUTS CS619 Taylor Swift
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CREDIT: Amazon

For the extra Swiftie
Because who *doesn't* need a cardboard cutout of Taylor Swift in their life? This party's about to get really exciting...

Taylor Swift All Too Well Inspired Red Scarf Keychain
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For the Red (Taylor's Version) Swiftie
Did she leave the scarf at his sister's house? Yes, yes, in fact, she did. We won't forget that one for you, Taylor.

Moo & May Studio August Taylor Swift Lyric Print
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For the Swiftie redoing their room
An aesthetic print with august lyrics on? Put that straight in the shopping basket. Not only is it super pretty, but it isn't too in-your-face. Gorg.

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