Calum Best looks very suave in his new Burton Menswear campaign



by Ellen Kerry |

Of all the things we would normally be doing on a Wednesday night, swooning over Calum Best wouldn’t normally be one of them. But that was before we saw his new AW15 Burton Menswear campaign.

The collection itself feature hero items such as the navy blue three-piece suit, grey mac, tan Harrington and black bomber jacket. All of which look and feel super luxe.

Calum Best Burton navy suit

Calum arrived at the launch, which was held in London’s swanky Café Royal hotel, and immediately made his way around the room, shaking hands and saying hello to everyone. We grabbed the star, who looked incredibly handsome in a slim fit navy suit with red braces, for a quick chat about Burton and his style...

**Why Burton and why now?**

After I did Celebrity Big Brother, Burton contacted me. They were going through a bit of a change themselves, growing and becoming more mature. They saw sort of the same thing in me that I worked really hard to change and become a better person. That they have put their faith in me is something I am really grateful for.

**Do you have any favourite pieces?**

I love the suits. They’re only £160 and look insane. I get so many dudes messaging me about my suits so it’s great to be able to say you can wear something like this and only spend 160 quid. It’s not just the tailoring, the bomber jackets, jeans – it’s all great.

**What style advice would you give blokes going on a first date?**

Ah man. It totally depends on the situation. I personally would wear a suit, the full works, but I’m 34 and want to put across that I made an effort, you know? But then I’d be equally as happy to throw on a t-shirt and jeans if it’s a casual thing.

**What if they’re meeting the parents?**

You can’t do a suit, no way. Too stiff, the dad would probably think, “Who the hell is this guy?”

Calum Best Fatman Scoop Burton

**Who nails style for you?**

I think Tom Hardy always looks good. He wears a suit really well. And Adrian Brody.

**Is there a female celeb that gets it right?**

Oh, definitely Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Whenever I see a picture of her she looks incredible. Damn, Jason Statham is a friend of mine! I probably shouldn’t say that…


Calum Best looks very suave in his new Burton Menswear campaign

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