Christmas Fun Buys! The best novelty treats to jazz up your party look

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by Ellen Kerry |

There are very few times over the period of a whole year that we can legitimately dress up like a plonker and not get laughed out of the building. Halloween is one as is Easter but the real daddy of all dress ups has to be Christmas.

During the festive season, which we reckon is at least 6 weeks long because we start in November, donning tinsel as a scarf is normal. The more eye-wateringly bad your Christmas jumper is, the higher points you get with your work mates. Heck, even your head gets a festive makeover with headbands, silly ears and gigantic bauble earrings all making an appearance.

Christmas Novelty Fun

What's also wonderful about the holiday season is that it doesn't matter if you're a tough builder-type or a delicate little lady, EVERYONE can get into the fun festive spirit. Who doesn't want to see a bunch of merry folk dancing around wearing reindeer headbands? It makes our Christmas, tbh.

Now, because festive dress up is a brief but wonderful affair, we don't want to spend all of our hard earned cash on novelty buys to jazz up our party look. Thankfully jewellery and accessories mecca Claire's have got the best in lolz purchases for less than 20 of your finest pounds. We off you buy it all...


Christmas Fun Buys! The best novelty treats to jazz up your party look

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