Your guide on what to pack for a cruise festival

Cruise festival

by A Jakes |

Question: Why would you go to a regular festival (think: muddy fields, arctic evenings and someone repeatedly shouting 'Steve' at 3am) when you can go on a cruise ship that stops of at many insta-worthy locations, whilst playing great music?

Yep, it really is a no-brainer. That's why we are going to MDRNTY festival which stops off at Genoa, Sardinia and Corsica and plays electro music 24 hours a day(!!) for three days and nights! More lit than David Attenborough's birthday cake.
MDRNTY festival in 2017 ©MDRNTY

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But what do you even pack for a cruise festival? You can definitely forgo the loo roll and we wouldn't bother with a sleeping bag (there's luxury cabins, FYI!) However, you definitely don't want to forget some boujee garments or beauty bits from your suitcase.

Here are 9 things that would be perfect for a cruise festival:

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'Ugly' trainers, £38, Topshop

Ugly trainers are having a moment and what better way to show you're so Fash. Un. by wearing them to the coolest event of the year dahling? Also, they are very incredibly comfortable meaning you can dance all night.

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