Daisy Lowe talks body image, confidence and how she deals with self-doubt

British babe always looks on point

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We love Daisy Lowe. The Brit model always looks like she’s having the best time and never fails to flash a giant smile for the camera. Plus, she has incredible style. So hearing Lowe had been chatting some serious truths about body image and confidence to *Huffington Post *got us feeling all kinds of giddy. Here’s what we learned from one of the hottest, most down-to-earth babes in the industry…

“Plus size” isn’t a thing, okay?

"There's a lot more room for variation as far as models go - we should be promoting that all shapes, sizes and ethnicities are beautiful. It would be lovely for plus size models not to be called 'plus size' - they're being used for the same jobs. We're all just models - wearing beautiful clothes that make people feel good about themselves and helping designers to sell their creations. I'd love to see more 'in-between' size models too."

She's got a hot bod

Daisy’s also into on having only good vibes about your bod…

"[Positive body image means] being comfortable in your own skin and embracing all of your flaws and accepting the fact that you are who you are. Being individual is a beautiful thing.”

When it comes to body confidence, the model relies on exercise, BFFs and good food…

“How much I work out makes a difference, surrounding myself with people I can laugh a lot with and I can be 100% myself with."

Daisy Lowe has modelled for Esquire and published a cookbook!

She’s got some good advice when it some to self image…

"Love the parts of you that you don’t enjoy so much and be kind to yourself - that’s something that I have to constantly remind myself to do. Go and do something that inspires you or makes you happy. That always makes me feel much better."

And how to deal with self-doubt…

"Meditation and mindfulness helps. Having a check in with yourself and trying really hard to be present. Especially with social media, we can look outside ourselves and think about what other people are doing, but if you can try your best in the exact moment – that's all that matters, because that’s all that really exists."

We don’t know about you but we feel ready to tackle anything all the while looking as fierce as Daisy.

You can read the full interview here.

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