Everyone is ALARMED at these festival thong shorts

Good lord

festival thong shorts

by Polly Foreman |

Our festival aesthetic can be pretty much summed up as an old ratty jumper that smells weird, some leggings from a few years ago, and an edgy bumbag covered in mud.

But it seems the general consensus for 2018 is vastly different.

Because PrettyLittleThing are selling some actual thong shorts. And yes, they are exactly what they sound like.

Here they are:


The product description says: "Dare to wear these fierce denim knickers girl. Featuring a denim material in a seriously flattering high rise style,"

"Team these with some killer chap trousers and matching bralet for a show-stopping festival outfit that is gonna get you noticed for all of the right reasons."

denim shorts

We're obsessed tbh.

But the internet is, understandably, confused.

One person wrote: "Fashion has hit rock bottom," while another added: "I mean, I do love PrettyLittleThing, but WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY?"

A third chimed in with: “@OfficialPLT have just what I was looking for, a little pair of denim bum thong shorts. WHAT THE FUCK?!

Denim shorts

However, some were fans of the shorts, with one writing: “the more i see those denim thong shorts & everyone slating them the more i like them in the basket they go”.

Another added: “I like them, but it does depend on who's wearing them. #denim #Thongs #shorts”.

If you want to buy them (which, tbh, we kinda do at this point), they cost £15 and can be bought here - but be quick, they're selling out fast!


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