Halloween outfit ideas and the spookiest high street shopping buys

Chic or treat


by Ellen Kerry |

We reckon Halloween might be the second most exciting time of year after Christmas. Yeah, we don't really go as hard on the spooking as our American pals do but we still thoroughly love a bit of all Hallow's eve fun.

If you've already sorted your Halloween make up (thanks to our helpful guide) then all that's left is to nail your outfit. You could just go to a fancy dress shop and dress up as a scary zombie/sexy cat/regular witch but where's the fun in that! The high street is packed with incredible buys that will fright-up any wardrobe. Instead of the cliche fancy dress options, why not try a touch of Goth? Team a crushed velvet frock with a thick choker and your terrifying make up? Or how about a devilishly creepy lace eye mask? Worn with vampy lips and an LBD, you could be Halloween ready in a matter of minutes.

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Obviously we still love some LOLz cliches. Who wouldn't want to be groped by a glow-in-the-dark skeleton? That sounds right up our dark 'n' scary alley. What makes any Halloween look great is a massive level of imagination. A black and red striped jumper from Topshop might seem innocuous enough but cover your face in false flesh and add a hat et VOILA. Instant Freddy Krueger feels. See? It's fun to think outside of the box! Here are our high-street picks to win Halloween this weekend...

Trick or Chic


Halloween outfit ideas and the spookiest high street shopping buys

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