You can now buy Harry Potter lingerie and we are VERY TRAUMATISED

Was this really necessary? REALLY?


by Polly Foreman |
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We at heat are completely and ridiculously obsessed with Harry Potter, know pretty much the whole series off by heart, own all the DVDs, are going out at first opportunity to buy Lush’s Harry Potter bath bomb, and spend more time than we care to admit listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks.

But one thing we’ve never ever ever desired ever in our lives is Harry Potter lingerie.

HP and sexy just don’t go hand in hand, we reckon.

If dressing up as a sexy wizard is your / your partner’s cup of tea, then hark at the below ensemble from YANDY, which costs £27.

Well, it is very reasonably priced…

F*ck it, we’re getting it.

harry potter sexy underwear
harry potter sexy underwear
harry potter sexy underwear


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