Kim Kardashian launches her own emoji app – KIMOJI

Chat like a Kardashian


by Ellen Kerry |

Can you remember a time when there were no emojis? When we would have to describe our emotions/feelings/actions with actual WORDS? Gah. Thankfully emojis are very much a “thing” now, so much so that Kween of everything Kim Kardashian-West has mde her OWN set of emojis.

The app, called Kimoji (obvi), features 250+ exclusive emoji and sticker designs, all based around the main woman herself. There are big butts, hourglass bods, contouring headshots and Yeezy sneakers amongst other things.

Your fave emoji might even have had a Kimmy update. The mum-of-two has upgraded the sassy pink manicure to a noir pointed talons hand and the trio of dancing girls has been replaced by three sexy gals twerking upside down against a wall.

Kimoji screenshot

There are waist trainers, slogans and even a crying Kim face (our fave).

The app is currently only available on iTunes USA, costing a very basic $1.99. A small price to pay to have this much Kim Kardashian-West in your life, right?

We have to say, we had no idea how much we were missing this in our social media-obsessed lives before now. The next time we want to ask a friend out for a cheeky drink, the only Kimoji to send is surely the Break-The-Internet-Bum-Champagne-Glass!

Group message Kimoji screenshot

We don’t yet know when the app will be available in the UK or whether Android users will get the opportunity to Kim-up their messages. We also don’t know whether Kanye West or little North will make an appearance.

Don’t leave us hanging, Kim!

The 35-year-old already has a super successful gaming app.

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