Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit sells out in 1 minute!

The youngest Jenner strikes again


by Ellen Kerry |

At the tender age of 18 Kylie Jenner has already amassed the kind of business empire big sister Kim was only dreaming of when she was that age. As well as her numerous fashion lines (including a lucrative Topshop deal), Kylie also has her app, a hair extension range and now a lip kit. No wonder she was able to purchase a mega mansion before her 18th birthday…

Kylie Jenner green hair headshot

Kylie took to social media to tease fans about her brand new launch over the weekend using the hashtag #KylieLipKit. The collection boasts 3 matte lipstick-creams with matchy liners designed to get the user a Kylie Jenner-style pout (without any need for surgery, obvi).

Kylie Jenner lip kit

The shades are Dolce K – a caramel shade – Candy K – a plush pink – and True Brown K – a 90s brown.

Kylie regularly updated her Instagram with details of the launch times until it was time to buy and BUY her fans did! The range sold out almost instantly.

Kylie Jenner green hair close up

On the website Kylie reveals why she has decided to go down the pout route, saying, “After two long years of dreaming about this, I am so excited to finally share my lip kit with you guys. The Kylie Lip Kit is a collection of shades and products I handpicked with an amazing team to design the perfect “Kylie lip”. I can’t wait to see how beautiful everyone is going to look. Use the hashtag #KylieLipKit to share your photos with me.”

So big sissy Kim might have the butt market nailed (in a fashion) but the mouth is all King Kylie’s. It’s safe to say Kyles is all about the beauty business world.

Will you be hankering after a matter mouth a la Jenner?

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