Christmas Gift Guide: For your BFFL who’d rather be a MERMAID

Who could turn down a shit-hot clam bra


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If your BFFL dreams of being a magnificent mermaid (don't we all TBH) then look no further as we have spent approx the duration of two episode of PLL looking for anything that SCREAMS Ariel. Think holographic, irridecent greens and metallic blues. Think mermaid tails and more glitter than Mary-Kate and Ashley's pencil case during the height of 90's cool.

We want four of everything please. Being a mermaid definitely sounds a lot better than catching the no.49 bus every morning.

This gift guide is perfect for your mermaid uh-bsessed mates stocking filler, but also a great link to ping to your own mum/friends/someone-who-should-be-giving-you-gifts-cos-your-fab... taking hinting to a whole new level baby.

Mermaid tail

Mermaid fashion

Give your bezzie a massive mermaid tail sleeping thing(?!) and she will be so cosy all Christmas day. Aren't you thoughtful! Top mate you are! 10/10!

£32, ASOS

Mermaid Skirt

Mermaid fashion

This two-toned mesh maxi skirt is perf for adding mermaid magic to your Christmas party look. ALSO you can wear it again during festival season. Just add a shit load of glitter and you're golden. Literally.

£28, Jacey's

Mermaid candle


This smells like pink lemonade and dreams becoming true. Any aspiring Ariel would be blimmin’ thrilled with this Missguided scented candle.

£12, Missguided

Mermaid mug


This mug is great for when your pal wants to unleash her inner Kermit the frog whilst sipping on an Options hot choccy. Hella sassy. Bow down to your kweeeen.

£8, Etsy

Mermaid Glitter set


You are encouraged to wear glitter if a) want to be a mermaid b) It's the festive season c) you are an avid reader of heatworld. DING DING DING is that all three, we see?! Treat yourself/a mate for ticking all the boxes with this fancy glitter set from Mac. The gold shades are to die for.

£26, MAC

Mermaid shell bag


Who knew a holder for your lipstick, keys and cards could look so utterly mesmerising? We. Can't. Stop. Staring. We wish our future was as bright as this bag(?!)

£30, Skinnydip

Mermaid phone case


No one will dare mess with a gal who's phone is emblazoned with JELLYFISH. Sho cool, yet sho dangerous.

£14, Skinnydip

Mermaid leotard


The required uniform for any wannabe mermaid.

£38, Topshop

Mermaid fluffy heels


These look like they have been hand-stitched lovingly by the fashwan angels themselves. Actually, f* your BFFL, these will look wonderful for your Christmas party. If you have student discount, you are laughing.

£49, Topshop

Mermaid coloring book


The perfect way for a mermaid to de-stress is.... (apart from laying in the bath for an afternoon OBV).

£4.99, ASOS.

Mermaid diary


Not only is this diary bursting with positive vibezzz, it is also an ideal way to start 2017. YAAAAAS.

£6.00, ASOS


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