Phoebe Lettice chats glitter, phone case goals and being rubbish at selfies

We <3 sticky cases

phoebe lettice

by Ellen Kerry |

As well as designing a bunch of glittery phone cases for goo.ey that STICK to mirrors and other shiny surfaces (hi perfect selfie mode), Phoebe Lettice is the creative director of llustrated People and has a wardrobe so hot it could make Barbie weep. The blonde babe favours mega furs, retro trackies and wicked prints.

She was also the eye roll queen of Made In Chelsea (soz, Lucy Watson) and still one of the best characters so when we heard Phoebe was involved in designing these lustworthy phone cases, we got in touch for a chat…

What's so great about goo.ey?

I really love how innovative the goo.ey technology is and thought I could do something fun with it.

How involved were you in designing the cases?

[I had] a lot of say. I always wanted to do glitter cases, in the end the strongest designs were with simplest.

**How do they actually work? **

The cases are an amazing invention, they stick to glass and mirror without being sticky, so that you can chat, take selfies and watch movies hands free.

Where did your inspo for the designs come from?

Disco balls and sequin hot pants.

Is glitter a big thing in your world?

I am by no means a glittery sparkly obsessed unicorn fairy lover... quite the opposite. I just think phones are quite dull, even my most conservative friends have a fun phone case. What's better than a glistening colour as well as the amazing hands free technology for a phone case?

What’s the best thing to do with your case?

Its not my favourite thing to do with the technology but it's a very useful trait - stick it to mirrors to keep your phone safe while you use the loo/wash hands.

**Fave TV show you can’t stop watching right now… **

Making a Murderer, a documentary on Netflix. I just finished watching it back to back in one day.

Give us your top 3 tips on achieving the best selfie…

I don't have any tips because I'm useless.

What’s on your lust list for 2016?

A Caitlin Price ss16 pink tracksuit and Nike Air Max.

goo.ey x Phoebe Lettice cases, £22.99

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