Primark is FINALLY ‘set to launch online shopping’ and OMG 🙌🏼

It's the news we've all been waiting for


by Anna Sky Hulton |
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If, like us, you're a sucker for all things Primark, remember their Harry Potter gym range? Then, you'll be super excited to hear that the High Street retailer is reportedly going to trial an online click and collect service!

Yes, you read that right, you can potentially say "goodbye" to trawling through the mountains of clothes, in search for your prize bargain, and buy your fave Primani item with the click of a button. We can't wait for this!

Although the news has not yet been confirmed by Primark, the company's chief executive, Paul Marchant, told analysts at Davy, an Irish wealth and asset management company, that a new service is 'on the horizon'.

Take a look at Primark's Harry Potter range:


Harry Potter primark range

Harry Potter1 of 20

Harry Potter

Cauldron Mug, £6

Harry Potter2 of 20

Harry Potter

Property of Hogwarts Mug, £3

Harry Potter3 of 20

Harry Potter

Hufflepuff Cushions, £6

Harry Potter4 of 20

Harry Potter

Door Hanger, £2

Harry Potter5 of 20

Harry Potter

Gryffindor Cushion, £4

Harry Potter6 of 20

Harry Potter

Lumos Light Box, £8

Harry Potter7 of 20

Harry Potter

Light Box, £5

Harry Potter8 of 20

Harry Potter

Potion Fairy Lights, £8

Harry Potter9 of 20

Harry Potter

Keeper and Catch Mugs, £6

Harry Potter10 of 20

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Backpack, £10

Harry Potter11 of 20

Harry Potter

House Socks, £3

Harry Potter12 of 20

Harry Potter

Ravenclaw Cushion, £6

Harry Potter13 of 20

Harry Potter

House 4 Pack Coasters, £4

Harry Potter14 of 20

Harry Potter

Tote Bag, £3

Harry Potter15 of 20

Harry Potter

Satchel, £12

Harry Potter16 of 20

Harry Potter

Slytherin Cushions, £6

Harry Potter17 of 20

Harry Potter

House Bunting, £3

Harry Potter18 of 20

Harry Potter

Light, £6

Harry Potter19 of 20

Harry Potter

Blanket, £6

Harry Potter20 of 20

Harry Potter

Framed Ticket, £6

The report also says, 'The introduction of a click-and-collect offering will drive incremental benefits to the Primark model in time.' This comes not long after the fashion fave opened the world's largest Primark, in Birmingham earlier this month.

It hasn't taken long for Primark fans to pick up on the exciting news, with many taking to Twitter. One tweeted, 'Primark developing a click and collect service is honestly the best news I’ve had in years', with another saying, 'Have you seen they’re about to start offering online shopping?! It’s click and collect only but still... I worry for my bank account!'.

We REALLY hope the trial starts soon!

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