One of the UK’s biggest Primark stores is opening HERE

Lucky Milton Keynes


by Carl Smith |

If you happen to live in or around the Milton Keynes area, we have some news that's gonna perk you up a treat this kinda-dreary day. You know Primark? The store that's responsible for providing 95 percent of our wardrobe? The place we always say we'll never dare venture into on a Saturday but inevitably do EVERY WEEKEND? Well they're about to open one of their biggest stores in Buckinghamshire.

Yup - you lucky lot in Milton Keyes can look forward to a brand spankin' new 75,000 square foot (!) Primark landing in town very soon indeed; a flagship store even bigger than their Oxford Street East premises in London.

If you've ever been to that one, you'll know it's BLOODY MASSIVE and takes approximately 57 days to snoop around in its entirity.

The new store will be located in the fancy centre:mk shopping complex and apparently opens next year.

Kevin Duffy, the centre's manager-type person, is absolutely delighted tbh. He said: "We are thrilled to announce that Primark will be joining our fantastic selection of fashion and beauty brands at centre:mk next year.

"Primark is a firm fashion favourite, and so we look forward to attracting more visitors by expanding the centre's fashion retail mix."

Not gonna lie, we're already looking at weekend breaks in Milton Keynes in time for the opening.

Can't wait to see how much Harry Potter stuff they manage to fit in there. GAH THIS IS TOO MUCH.


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