Shopping: Simpsons gear, the Android watch that makes life easier and the best parka

A triple threat to your purse


by Ellen Kerry |

Every week we’re going to bring you three things we’re crushing on plus why we’re so despo to have them in our lives. Because a) it’s always good to have more info before you buy (if only to justify it to your mum/boyf/girlf etc) and b) it’s FUN.


Skinnydip London Simpsons bag phone case purse

Ever since Skinnydip London bounced on the scene a couple of years ago, the game of bags and phone cases has changed BIG time. The latest venture for the brand brings TV and fashion together in a joyous mix that would make Homer proud. The Simpsons X Skinnydip London stars unscrupulous clown Krusty and is fun with a capital cowabunga.

Our fave piece? The see-through pouch covered in mini Krusty heads. It’s big enough to act as a kooky clutch or the best make up bag. And it’s wipe clean. Just the thing to sort out any cheeky foundation spillages.

Right on time

Huawei watch advert

The Android vs Apple debate isn’t going away anytime soon, especially now Android have a watch to rival their fruity counterparts. Chinese tech brand Huawei (pronounced “who-are-way”, fyi) are set to launch their watch and it is amazing. The watch comes with a variety of strap styles, including rose gold mesh – dreamy. Once Android Wear has been downloaded to your phone and is paired with your watch, get ready to have some fun… Things like your schedule, the weather, eBay, CityMapper etc are all present but it’s the other features that make us giddy.

You can answer Whatsapp messages by sending emojis, generic phrases or even by speaking to the watch. SPEAKING TO IT. If you ask the watch a question, it will answer you. For instance, we asked it to show us pictures of Kim Kardashian. Within seconds Kimmy K pics were popping up on our screen. Priorities. For the health conscious watch fans, this tracks steps, running, swimming, how much water you have consumed… Basically, the watch knows more about you than your parents.

Lost your phone under a pile of clothes in your house? Use the Find My Phone option to make it ring. That this timepiece also acts as a remote shutter for your phone’s camera meaning is genius. And you can use it to control podcasts and music. Oh, and you can change the face according to your fancy. Taylor Swift’s BFF Karlie Kloss leads the campaign, shot by none other than Mario Testino.

Park Life

Topshop parka

It took some time to take hold but the seasons have finally changed. Autumn is here and it’s already biting our butts with its chilly winds and miserable rain. A brand new coat is a must, right? But it’s hard to choose the best one in the sea available on the high street.

Topshop’s traditional khaki parka with electric blue fur trim gets our vote. As well as being long enough to cover bums from said biting winds, it has a hood. Which always wins out against a poke-your-eye-out-brolly. The bright fur is a welcome update on the old off-white/grey shades of winters past.

This coat will look equally awesome over a little balck party frock and ankle boots as it does off-duty with jeans.

Our tip? Buy it at lease one size larger so you can layer thick cosy knits or a denim jacket under.

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