SNEAK PEEK! Only in tomorrow’s heat… the BIG last minute Christmas Gift Guide; 50 pressies under £50

We've done (almost) all of the hard work for you

by Ellen Kerry |

If you missed our MAJAH gift guide a couple of issues ago and are not in a full on sweaty panic about what to buy your BFF or loved one, don't worry! Sit down, take a deep breath and set your alarm because first thing tomorrow the brand new copy of heat is out and will solve all your troubles. Christmas present related ones, anyway.

We've got treats for your man, girlfriend, kids, nieces, nephews, brothers and ever YOU. All for under 50 smackers.

And if you really don't want to crawl out of your warm bed to nip to your newsagent just download a copy! It couldn't be easier.

BTW, if you want to treat US to something, we're partial to the pink elephant...

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