Has Urban Outfitters been selling Primark clothes???



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Urban Outfitters is a haven for all us stylish folk (yep, we consider everyone at heat HQ to be v.stylish) and we love a lunchtime browse through their snazzy garms. Soz not soz.

Such good summer vibes atm right?

But in an awkward turn of events, it looks like Urban Outfitters have been unknowingly selling Primark clothes. For £45 bloody pounds. AWKS AF.

A Twitter user, who simply goes by the name Cal, pointed out that a Ceder Wood State t-shirt (Primark's own menswear brand) was on sale as part of Urban Outfitters' 'Reworked' range – where designers put their stamp on vintage clobber.

Cal hilariously tweeted: "pmsl urban outfitters x primark collab"


Cal also told The Sun that he found he found the shirt for sale in an Urban Outfitters store in Glasgow and joked: "I have well and truly dropped urban outfitters right in it lmao".

His tweet has since attracted a hella lot of attention on social media, with over 800 likes and nearly 300 retweets. And unbable to simply ignore all the attention, Urban Outfitters has now released a statement about the mistake.

The statement, that was released to The Sun, read: "While we cannot authenticate the photo in question, we take all customer feedback very seriously.

"We are determining whether the shirt was possibly obtained through a bulk purchase for our Urban Renewal Vintage and Remade program, through which our designers tailor vintage clothing and make each piece one-of-a-kind.

"We are reviewing our limited UK Urban Renewal Vintage and Remade inventory, and any non-vintage pieces will immediately be pulled."

Rookie error or what.


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