VIP your Marathon Experience

Upgrade your Marathon with a pamper hotel stay

London Bankside Hilton

by Louise Bennett |

Want to VIP your marathon experience? Then look no further than the Hilton London Bankside hotel****, who is offering guests an exclusive package to help them prep for the race.

Check in on Saturday 21 April, the night before the big day, and rest your legs on the huge, super-comfy bed. Or maybe have a soak in the bath before heading down to a filling and nutritious three-course dinner. The OXBO restaurant has an extensive, delicious menu to help you enjoy a carb and protein rich, healthy, but delicious dinner the night before the big race.

OXBO Restaurant
OXB Restaurant ©OXBO Restaurant

To start with, choose between grilled Brixham squid with chili, garlic and samphire, roasted beetroot with Cornish yard, or a chicken, bakon and avocado salad. (Our favourite was the squid, which was sublime.) Afterwards, choose between roasted chicken with quinoa tabbouleh and broccoli, an escalope of salmon and new potatoes, or a buck wheat pancake with bean ragout – all three were delicious. And we were blown away by the flourless chocolate cake for pudding, or try the grapefruit cocktail and sorbet if you fancy something lighter.

"The super helpful staff will send you on your way with an energy box"

Once you’re suitably full, get your race bag ready before heading to bed for some shut eye. Warning, the bed is SO comfy you may need at least two alarms to get you up in the morning!

When you’re up, head down for a delicious breakfast back in the Oxbo, where their extensive breakfast buffet – with porridge, muesli, toast, cakes, fruit and yoghurt, a cooked breakfast and pastries – is being given a marathon makeover. And you’ll be able to order protein shakes, crumpets with peanut butter and more.

The super-helpful staff will then send you on your way with an energy box, filled with Lucozade, granola bars, jelly beans and other goodies. too.

After the race, you and your aching limbs will be delighted that you decided to stay so close to the finish line! Head to the Spa To You, and choose between either a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage to soothe your aching limbs. We had Rachel, and she got knots out of our legs that we didn’t even know were there!

Swimming Pool
©Swimming Pool

Afterwards, celebrate with a bottle of Pommery POP Champagne, which be waiting for you in your room with other recovery treats and a bottle of beer, congratulatory gifts from the hotel. Or, before you run out of steam, head to The Distillery and let bar supervisor Alex and his team whip up one of their signature cocktails before heading to bed for another well-deserved sleep. You are a marathon-running maestro after all!

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