The truth about Adele’s shock walkout

'There's a lot more going on than people realise'


by Kate Randall |

As well as her amazing voice and ability to write absolute bangers, part of Adele’s huge success has been how she’s remained so relatable to her fans, despite her superstar status. But after dramatically cancelling her Las Vegas residency just 24 hours before the first concert was due to take place last month, Adele could be starting to lose some of her faithful fans – especially as more details about why she cancelled are emerging.

Two weeks ago, the singer, 33, posted a tearful video on Instagram saying her Weekends With Adele gigs at Caesars Palace wouldn’t go ahead as her show “just ain’t ready”. She blamed delivery issues and claimed half her staff had COVID. However, some sources have since claimed that’s not the case. Insiders at the hotel say that Adele had clashed with set designer Esmeralda Devlin about many production details, including “various set pieces, a choir, the sound system and other items associated with the show”.

“Several sources say they could not satisfy her production demands,” one website claimed.


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“They say she felt numerous elements ‘were not good enough’.” One issue was allegedly said to be over a swimming pool, from which the singer would emerge, but Adele was livid about it.

A source claimed, “When she saw the finished design, she refused to take part. Adele described the pool as a ‘baggy old pond’ and refused, point blank, to stand in the middle of it. The intention was to fill it with water on the set, as she was lifted up on a crane-type mechanism, creating the illusion she was floating on water.”

Although Adele had said the production wasn’t ready, pictures have emerged of the elaborate set being dismantled. And two weeks before the first show, the entertainment manager at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace updated fans in a Facebook post, saying, “14 days. In my 8 years in the industry I have not seen a ‘load in’ like it.”

It has since been claimed that Adele had only turned up to rehearsals a couple of weeks before the shows were due to start and appeared to be very stressed, with reports she was heard having rows with boyfriend Rich Paul over the phone. She is said to be devastated about what’s happened and during what was meant to be her opening night, she FaceTimed fans who were already in Vegas. Although some still visited the Adele shop – where she’s selling a bottle of Cloudy Bay wine for $75 – and bought merchandise, many were feeling extremely let down.

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Adele has since promised the concerts will be rescheduled, but industry experts say it may not be until next year – if at all – as other acts have been booked in at Caesars, including country star Keith Urban.

Now, we’re told, the singer – who also cancelled her 2017 London shows at the last minute – is terrified she’ll never be forgiven. “The whole situation is a huge mess and no one knows what to do,” an insider tells heat.

“She never wants to let her fans down and will make it up to them, but her team are worried about how her halo appears to have slipped. She’s been urged to make up for it by adding more dates, but she doesn’t want to be stuck in Vegas and is having major regrets about signing up for this. She feels lost and doesn’t quite know who she is as a performer any more – she doesn’t want to give up her cool London roots to be the next Celine Dion, but she also isn’t sure what direction to move in next.”

Adele – who has been dating sports agent Rich since last summer – has previously admitted she’s struggled with stage fright and anxiety, and we’re told she has a lot going on in her life and could do with a break from the spotlight. “There is a lot more going on than people know,” our source says.

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“Adele’s life is full of drama right now, but as usual, she’s keeping her cards close to her chest. There are some people on her team and senior staff members at Caesars Palace who have been kept in the dark – it’s all very cloak and dagger. But one thing is clear, people close to her are worried that this isn’t going to go away – and unless she addresses her issues with performing and battling her nerves, then she’s going to continue risking a serious backlash with the public.”

It’s been a big return to the public eye for Adele after spending the past five years holed up in her LA mansion. She announced her comeback with a series of candid interviews with both US and British Vogue, in which she discussed her divorce from husband Simon Konecki, the guilt over it with her nine-year-old son Angelo, her weight loss and her relationship with Rich. To further promote her deeply personal new album 30, she did a tell-all with Oprah Winfrey and filmed a TV special An Audience With Adele at The London Palladium.

Now some are wondering if it’s all too much for her. As heat recently reported, Adele had been hoping 2022 would be the start of a new chapter in her life, having just moved in with Rich and making plans to have a baby together.

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“She’s been on edge for months,” we’re told. “She has a lot of discomfort about being in the public eye – and feels under intense pressure, not to mention everything going on with the production that caused her to cancel at the last minute.

“People forget that she’s incredibly shy deep down and finds the fishbowl of Hollywood tough to take sometimes, which is why she avoids premieres and glitzy events like the plague. Right now, she’s committed to winning her fans back and performing for them as soon as possible, but it’s taking a major toll on her emotionally, and she needs Rich to be patient and understanding while she tries to hold it all together.

“That means putting certain plans of theirs on the backburner and having a serious think about her long-term future once everything calms down. One option that’s very appealing to her is to ditch LA and move somewhere more remote or even back to Europe, but whether Rich would join her is another matter entirely.”

And while she wants to make it up to her fans, we’re told Adele knows she has to put her own health and happiness first.

“All disappointment and stress aside, it’s been a giant wake-up call,” heat’s insider says. “It really showed Adele who she can lean on and what she needs to eradicate from her life – starting first and foremost with all this pressure and attention that she really doesn’t need. It’s really shaken her up and made her question how much more of it she’s willing to take.”

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