Love Island 2018’s Dr. Alex George ‘GLAD’ lie detectors are out as they ‘don’t work’ 👀

The challenge was scrapped for the 2019 series

Dr. Alex George

by Emma Dodds |
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Love Island fans have been absolutely loving the 2019 series, and many are devastated that it will be over in just a few short hours during the final tonight (Monday 29th July). It's been an incredible series, with many of the viewers' favourite elements returning - like the iconic baby challenge, which sees contestants look after a plastic baby doll together.

But one challenge in particular that hasn't returning is the lie detector challenge. This particular game on the show, which saw islanders hooked up to a lie detector machine and probed with questions by their partners, did not come back for this year's series.

Although some fans were displeased by its absence, many others have welcomed the decision by producers - including 2018 alumnus Dr. Alex George.

Dr. Alex hooked up to the lie detector machine in 2018
©Dr. Alex hooked up to the lie detector machine in 2018 © ITV

Speaking to Racing Post, Alex opened up about his own experience, which saw him fail the test multiple times last year. He said, "It is for the best they are not doing the lie detector test this year because it simply does not work.

"It was so inaccurate. Some of the things they said were true and false didn’t match up with what we felt was happening on the inside. I can't remember what it was but I answered a question truthfully and it said it was false. The more you protest, the more everyone thinks you're definitely lying."

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He added, "Detectors which measure pulse or respiratory rate aren't that accurate, quite frankly. I am glad it has gone, hopefully forever."

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