Love Island 2019: Everything you need to know about the popular show

Amber and Greg were crowned the winners!


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After almost two months and nearly 60 episodes, the Love Island 2019 final took place on Monday 29th July, with Amber Gill and Greg O'Shea being crowned the new Queen and King of the villa.

After a ton of drama throughout series five, Caroline Flack entered the famous villa to reveal the 2019 winners, with Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury, Maura Higgins and Curtis Pritchard, and India Reynolds and Ovie Soko also making it into the final.

Who won Love Island 2019?

Amber Gill and Greg O'Shea were crowned the 2019 winners!

Love Island final voting figures

Despite many thinking the final vote would have been close between Amber and Greg, and Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury, it actually wasn't! Check out the final voting figures below:


RADIO Love Island 2019 voting figures STACKED

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CREDIT: Amber and Greg u00a9 ITV Pictures


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CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures


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CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures


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CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures


Winter Love Island

After a ton of speculation, ITV bosses confirmed reports of a SECOND series in 2020.

Paul Mortimer, Head of Digital Channels and Acquisitions at ITV said, “Off the back of a record-breaking year, we're delighted to be bringing an extra series of our biggest and sunniest show to the 2020 schedule.

"Love Island has proven yet again to be the perfect format that engages younger audiences. In response to this viewer appetite, a new batch of young singletons will deliver some highly anticipated post-Christmas romance and drama from our new and luxurious location."

How to apply for Love Island 2020?

Unfortunately, applications are NOT yet open, but it looks like bosses will be keen to sign up applicants for the Winter edition very soon.

When the application process does open, it's understood the process will be similar to the Summer application, with hopefuls asked to apply online.

Fancy it?

When was the Love Island final 2019?

After an amazing series, the 2019 Love Island final took place on Monday 29th July 2019, live from the villa in Mallorca.

Who was in the Love Island final?

After Belle Hassan and Anton Danyluk were dumped from the villa on Sunday night's show (28th July), Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury, Maura Higgins and Curtis Pritchard, India Reynolds and Ovie Soko, and Amber Gill and Greg O'Shea made it into the 2019 final.

©© ITV Pictures

What is the prize for winning for Love Island?

A cool £50,000! If the winning couple decide to split the money, each Islander gets a massive £25,000 each.

What happened in the Love Island final 2019?

As well Caroline Flack revealing the winning couple, the final episode was a bumper one! The girls were sent out shopping to find their perfect outfit, before returning to the villa and getting a dance lesson with their men.

Then, the moment we'd all been waiting for, their love declarations at the Love Island 2019 Summer Ball. We cried!

©© ITV Pictures

Love Island new Islanders

On Monday 15th July, just two weeks before the final, Love Island bosses put THREE brand new Islanders into the villa, in the form of 20-year-old Harley Brash, 28-year-old India Reynolds and 24-year-old Greg O'Shea.

©© ITV Pictures

Harley Brash

Harley, who is an Estate Agent from Newcastle, has her eye on both Ovie Soko, and newly single Michael.

She said, "I think Ovie is absolutely beautiful, he is stunning so he is basically my perfect man. I also think Anton comes across really funny so I’d be open to getting to know him. I really fancy Michael but I think he is a bit misunderstood. He’s lovely to look at though, I could definitely just look at him."

The 20-year-old is no stranger to the world of Love Island. As well as knowing of Amber Gill, she's also best friends with 2018 Islander Ellie Brown, calling her a 'sister'. She's also good friends with Adam Collard, and was even romantically linked with him when the pair went out for dinner in London earlier this year.

©© ITV Pictures

India Reynolds

28.year-old model India also has her eye on both Ovie and Michael. She said, "Ovie! And Michael is good looking."

After being single for over a year, India is ready to find love. She added, "I want to have a good time and I don’t like falling out with people so hopefully I can be friends with the girls and gorgeous Ovie will still be single for me.

Greg O'Shea

Greg is a professional rugby player from Limerick!

Greg reckons he'll get on well with Irish beauty Maura Higgins, saying, "I’d say me and Maura will hit it off straight away, being two Irish people and she’s hilarious. She’s very naturally funny and she’s gorgeous as well so you never know."

It sounds like Greg is as loyal as they come, admitting he's a 'one girl kind of guy'. He told producers, "I’ve always been a one girl kind of guy… If I see a girl I tend to fall for her hard. Hopefully that can happen again. After my last relationship I lost my faith in love so hopefully going into the villa can get my belief in love back.

©© ITV Pictures

Who did Curtis pick on Love Island?

Despite admitting he would like to get to know both Maura Higgins and Francesca Allen, on Monday (15th) night's show, ballroom dancer confessed his feelings for Maura, in turn putting Francesca in the friend-zone.

Did Michael leave with Joanna?

Nope! After Joanna Chimonides was dumped from the villa in a shock twist, many viewers expected Michael Griffiths to leave with his girl. However, admitting he thinks the time apart will do them wonders, the fireman decided to remain in the villa.

Joanna didn't take kindly to this! She fumed, "If you found what you want then you better leave mate. But you clearly aren't so you're a f---ing snake."

Speaking after her exit, Joanna said, "Part of me expected Michael to leave with me, however I don’t want to be in control of someone’s life journey and if he wants to continue in the villa, to get to know someone else or see where things go, I’ve got respect for that. It is a bit disappointing but I’d never hold that against him."

©© ITV Pictures

Who did Amber couple up with on Love Island?

On Thursday 11th July, Amber Gill chose to couple up with basketball player Ovie Soko. After getting her heart broken by Michael Griffiths, Amber coupled with Ovie 'as friends', but fans of the show are shipping their romance, with many wanting the pair to WIN the show!

However, after new boy Greg O'Shea entered the villa, Amber had a smile put back on her face following her heartbreak over Michael. During the recoupling on Friday 19th July, Amber chose to couple up with Greg, instead of old-flame Michael.

©© ITV Pictures

Who has recoupled on Love Island?

With just a few weeks to go until the Love Island final, the most recent recoupling on Friday 19th July was certainly a dramatic one!

Has Amy Hart quit Love Island?

On Tuesday 9th July, Amy Hart made the tough decision to leave the Love Island villa, after ending her romance with ballroom dancer Curtis Pritchard.

Speaking to Curtis about her decision, she said, “I came in here and I thought I was going to meet some nice people and I’d probably date one of them and they’d be alright and then I met you and you completely turned my whole world around… We made each other happy… I want us to be best, best friends but we both need to move on and we both need to find someone that is going to make us as happy as we make them.

"Realistically for me, I’m not going to be ready in the next three weeks to meet someone else. Realistically for you, you will not be happy all the time here because you’ll always put me first because you’re such a good person. That’s why I love you so much and that’s why I want you to be happy. You are not going to be happy whilst I’m still here. So, I’m leaving today but it’s a positive thing because I’m going to go and start the rest of my life today… I’m going to let you go and you pursue whoever it is you want to pursue and hope that you find whatever you are looking for. Once this is all done we will have the best friendship you have ever seen in your life.

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Amy added, “I have been on such a huge journey… I did not imagine that first night I would meet this boy [Curtis] that would change my life and change my mindset. I want him to be happy and I want him to meet someone else so I’m leaving here today not holding any grudges against anyone, not against Curtis, not against Maura, no one. I never thought I would fall in love, I never thought someone would make me feel so special that I would fall in love with them and I did and it makes me realise that that will happen for me again, just not in here.”

Who is Belle's dad from Love Island?

During her cheese making date with Anton Danyluk on Monday 8th July, Belle confessed her dad is a famous actor!

Belle's dad is Tamer Hassan, who featured in season six of HBO drama Games of Thrones. He played the role of Khal Forzo, a Dothraki soldier who would not accept that Daenerys Targeryen would be his new leader. In an attempt to make him respect her, Daenerys killed the khals and bloodriders by burning them to death.

Speaking of her dad's role, Belle said, "My dad is an actor, Tamer Hassan. He’s been in The Football Factory, The Business, Game of Thrones – he is my link to the famous world."

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague

After admitting he's falling in love with Molly-Mae Hague, boxer Tommy Fury melted the hearts of the nation when he asked the model to be his girlfriend, with the help of his BFF Curtis Pritchard.

Using Molly-Mae's teddy Ellie-Belly in the set-up, Tommy said, "On a serious note, you know how much you mean to me and you're the only girl for me. I only want to be with you. Therefore, I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?"

Are Tommy and Molly-Mae official?
©© ITV Pictures

As if this wasn't cute enough, Molly-Mae and Tommy then dropped the 'L' word as they were hugging in bed!

Love Island USA

It's official, Love Island's popularity has hit fever pitch as the hit ITV2 show has spread across the pond with Love Island USA starting on Tuesday 9th July.

And even better, the US version of the show can be viewed by UK super-fans for free on or if they have a digital subscription to CBS All Access or YouTube TV

What happened between Michael and Amber?

Despite showing his affections for Geordie girl Amber Gill, fire-fighter Michael Griffiths had his head turned when new girl Joanna Chimonides entered the villa during Casa Amor week.

After getting to know Joanna and realising he wasn't 'being himself' around Amber, Michael chose to recouple with Joanna during the dramatic recoupling, leaving poor old Amber single as she stayed loyal.

joanna and michael kiss
©© ITV Pictures

Casa Amor

ITV finally confirmed that Casa Amor would be back for the 2019 series! Unlike past years, the GIRLS headed over to the second villa, leaving the boys in the current one.

On Thursday 27th June, ITV revealed 12 brand new Islanders, six boys and six girls, would be entering the two villas on Friday 28th June in an attempt to turn some heads, and they certainly succeeded!

Love Island footballer

We now have a professional footballer in the Love Island villa! Meet Dennon Lewis, one of the brand new Islanders who set to enter Casa Amor.

Dennon, 22, has just signed for Wealdstone F.C, but he began his football career at Premier League side Watford's academy, signing a three-year professional contract when he was just 18-years-old.

Marvin Brooks Love Island footballer

As well as Dennon, 2019 Islander Marvin Brooks is also a semi-professional footballer. Not only is he Harry Redknapp's personal trainer, but Marvin has also played for Poole Town FC.

Who did Danny pick on Love Island?

Despite telling Yewande he wasn't interested in getting to know anybody else, Danny's head certainly turned when model Arabella Chi walked into the villa. In one of the most tense recouplings of the 2019 series so far, Danny chose to couple up with Arabella, sending poor old Yewande home.

Love Island vote

Voting is completely free on Love Island, all you have to do is download the app! Although voting is not open every day, voice-over Iain Stirling will let viewers know when, and what to vote for during the show.

Arabella's Love Island baby

Don't panic, Arabella Chi hasn't fell pregnant during her stay in the Love Island villa! However, fans have been left totally confused after pictures of her with a baby bump appeared online. The model previously worked with online fashion brand ASOS, promoting maternity clothing with a fake baby bump.

Arabella Love Island baby

What did Tom say on Love Island?

After going in for a kiss and showing Maura his confidence, things seemed to be going VERY well for Tom Walker. Things then got even better when Maura won the task, meaning she was able to take one boy of her choice into The Hideaway, obviously choosing Tom.

However, the Leeds lad quickly put his foot in it, which resulted in Maura telling him to "go f--k yourself."

Whilst Maura was getting ready with the girls, speaking to Danny Williams, Tommy Fury and the rest of the lads, Tom said, "It will be interesting to see if she’s all mouth or not."

What did Tom say on Love Island?
©© ITV Pictures

Little did he know, Maura had come downstairs to speak with him, and heard the whole thing! AWKWARD! 🙈

Winter Love Island

Of course, this rumour seems to come around every year, but after last year's Love Island: Christmas Reunion, it looks like ITV2 bosses are seriously considering a Winter Love Island, with the show set to follow the exact same format as the summer edition.

According to new reports by The Sun, the winter edition will be filmed in South Africa in December, so we can all get cosy with our hot water bottles on the sofa whilst the Islanders try to find love in the sun.

Who is Arabella Chi's ex-boyfriend?

Supermodel Arabella Chi entered the Love Island villa as a bombshell on Thursday 20th June, and her ex-boyfriend, former Islander Charlie Frederick was quick to have his say about the stunning 28-year-old.

Charlie, who also used to date Lucie Donlan, took to his Instagram Story to reveal he thought he was still DATING Arabella.

Taking to his Instagram Story, Charlie wrote, 'Wow Love Island you wanna have my f---ing life any more?!!! Both my exes in the villa f---ing madness.' [sic]

He then added, 'Right so this is all an absolute madness for me, finding out that a person I'm seeing/have a lot of feelings for, on a serious level has just strolled into the villa completely disregarding my feelings and our relationship or what we had, I feel like I have to air these screen shots because I feel like I've been completely mugged off.

Charlie Frederick
©© Instagram Story

'I'm truly upset that Arabella has lied to me about what she was doing and claiming she had a campaign but instead actioning going into Love Island.' [sic]

Women's Aid and Love Island

Domestic abuse charity Women's Aid expressed their concern about Joe Garratt's 'controlling' behaviour towards Lucie Donlan, after he told her who she should be friends with.

Adina Claire of Women's Aid said, "Controlling behaviour is never acceptable. With Love Island viewers complaining about Joe's possessive behaviour towards Lucie, more people are becoming aware of this and want to challenge it.

"Abusive relationships often star off with subtle signs of control."

Does Tom Walker have a secret girlfriend?

Following Tom Walker's entrance into the villa, eagle-eyed fans stalked his Instagram page, where they found a number of cosy photos with a girl called Chloe Rayner, who he is said to have dated for seven years!

Although the pair may have split up since, Chloe still features heavily on his feed!

Does Tom Walker have a girlfriend?
©Tom Walker © Instagram

Who are the new boys on Love Island?

On Monday 17th June, two super-hot boys entered the villa, in the form of models Jordan Hames and Tom Walker. Before entering the villa, the Jordan and Tom enjoyed dates with single Islanders Anna Vakili and Maura Higgins, with Irish beauty Maura wasting no time in expressing her interest in Tom.

Find out everything you need to know about Tom Walker.

Find out everything you need to know about Jordan Hames.

Love Island
©© ITV Pictures

Why did Sherif Lanre get removed from the Love Island villa?

On Tuesday 11th June, ITV released a statement confirming Islander Sherif Lanre had left the villa after breaking the rules.

A Love Island spokesperson said, “After breaking the villa rules Sherif had conversations with the producers and it was mutually agreed that he would leave the Love Island villa.”

Sherif also issued a statement and said, “In a case of poor judgement, I broke the villa rules and as a result agreed with the producers that it was best for me to leave the villa. I regret that I didn’t conduct myself in the right way and, as a 20 year old guy, it’s something I know I will take on board and learn from. I really enjoyed my time in the villa and look forward to catching up with everyone on the outside."

Sherif has now spoken about his removal in an interview with The Sun. Sherif revealed he was axed from the show for accidentally kicking fellow Islander Molly-Mae Hague in the groin, before calling it a 'c--- punt'.

Sherif told the publication, “I did kick Molly-Mae in the groin area but it was an accident and she 100 per cent was not injured afterwards. She flinched and bent over to protect herself. Then she stood up and seemed fine and we started laughing about it.

“I turned to Tommy Fury and said, ‘That was a c--- punt."

Why is Love Island not on TV on a Saturday?

Despite sitting down six nights of the week, Love Island doesn't air on a Saturday night, leaving viewers gutted. BUT NOW, in news that has left us shocked to core, 2017 winner Kem Cetinay has revealed the reason why.

Speaking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning, Kem revealed the Islanders actually get a DAY OFF from filming, where they can leave the villa so the cleaners can go in!

This Morning
©© ITV

Kem said, "They give you one day off. You get one day off per week. What happens is, it gives them a day to clean the villa, and you take your mics off, and normally we go to the beach."

As Holly and Phillip appeared shocked, Kem added, "So what happens is, when you take your mic off, you are not allowed to talk about anything to do with the show, you have to talk about home life.

"You are being watched by the producers, because they don't want you to talk about what is going on. They are quite careful about what you talk about, because they want to keep it so everyone at home can see it."

Who has been dumped from the Love Island villa?

Callum Macleod

Joe Garratt

Elma Paza

Yewande Biala

Arabella Chi

Tom Walker

Lavena Back

Maria Wild

Nabila Badda

Dan Rose

Dennon Lewis

Stevie Bradley

Danny Williams

Jourdan Riane

Lucie Donlan

George Rains

Marvin Brooks

Joanna Chimonides

Michael Griffiths

Francesca Allen

Harley Brash

Chris Taylor

Anna Vakili

Jordan Hames

Belle Hassan

Anton Danyluk

Love Island first look

Ahead of each episode, bosses release a 'first look' video which appears on the official Love Island app.

What time is Love Island on?

Love Island will be on TV at 9pm every night! Most episodes will last one hour, but it's understood that some will be longer throughout the series.

Love Island cast 2019

After months of speculation, with rumours that Lotan Carter, Ted Pullin, Soph Piper and Delilah Belle Hamlin were set to enter the villa, Love Island bosses finally revealed the cast for series five.

12 lucky contestants (five girls and seven boys) entered the villa on Monday 3rd June, featuring some familiar faces such as Tyson Fury's brother Tommy Fury, and AJ Pritchard's brother Curtis Pritchard.

Bombshells Molly-Mae Hague and Danny Williams have since entered the villa. Check out the full cast right here.

What channel will Love Island 2019 air on?

Love Island airs on ITV2. We live for the day it gets bumped up to actual ITV, tbh.

Love Island's tribute to Mike Thalassitis

Following the tragic death of series three contestant Mike Thalassitis in March 2019, ITV bosses paid tribute to Mike in the opening show of the 2019 series.

Sharing his cast photo from 2017, the tribute read, 'In loving memory of Mike Thalassitis. 1993-2019'.


Love Island plus size model

After viewers encouraged the show to be more 'diverse', it was rumoured that 'plus size' model Jada Sezer would appear on Love Island 2019.

However, Jada was NOT named in the initial line-up, so will she be a late arrival into the villa?

How to apply for Love Island

Applications for Love Island 2019 closed on Monday 15th July, just two weeks before the final.

Who presents Love Island?

That'd be Caroline Flack, our fashion icon and all-round DREAM.

Who's the really-quite-hilarious Love Island voice-over guy?

Allow us to introduce you to Iain Stirling; possibly the funniest fella on telly.

How long will Love Island 2019 be on for?

The 2018 series was the longest yet; extended from the usual seven weeks to just under eight. If they could extend 2019's to fifteen weeks or so, that'd be great.

Is there a Love Island 2019 trailer?

YES! And it's amazing! ITV2 released the brand new trailer just days before the start of series five. Featuring all 12 Islanders, the trailer shows the Islanders packing up their jobs and heading for the plane to Mallorca, with the title 'Are you ready for the ultimate summer?'.

Is there going to be a Celebrity Love Island?

Despite us revealing a fictitious line-up for 'Celebrity Love Island' on Monday 1st April, we are sad to announce it was all just an April Fool's Day prank.

Having said that, the fake line-up, which included the likes of Gemma Collins, Miranda Hart, Vicky Pattison, Calum Best, Lewis Capaldi, Jordyn Woods and Gethin Jones, certainly got people talking.

Let's hope bosses over at ITV get some ideas.

WATCH: 2018 Love Islanders reveal who they WISH they'd coupled up with

How do I follow Love Island on Instagram?

They're over @loveisland. Same on Twitter.

How do I follow the Love Island 2019 cast on social media?

Oh wouldn't you like to know! Well, because we wanted to stalk the cast before they even entered the villa, we've found all of the their Instagram and Twitter handles, just for you.

Follow the Love Island 2019 cast right here.

Who won Love Island 2018?

That'd be Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham. Laura Anderson and Paul Knops were runners-up, with Josh Denzel and Kaz Crossley coming third.

Unfortunately, all couples from the 2018 series have now split, with Dani Dyer now back with her ex-boyfriend Sammy Kimmece, and Jack Fincham signing up for Celebs Go Dating.

Will spin-off show Love Island: Aftersun return?

YES! The lovely Cazza Flack confirmed Love Island: Aftersun will return for the 2019 series! The show will be live every Sunday night at 10pm, right after the main show on ITV2.

Caroline is expected to be joined by celebrity guests, including some former Islanders.

Caroline Flack
©Caroline Flack © ITV Pictures

How can I rewatch Love Island series 1-4?

Seasons 1 (2015) and 2 (2016) were on Netflix, however at the beginning of May, both series were taken off the popular site, leaving fans completely gutted.

No news yet as to when the 2017 and 2018 series will be available, though.

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