Love Island’s Ellie Brown debuts ‘insane’ new look

She looks very different from her villa days

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by Ruby Norris and William Marriott |

Love Island 2018 star Ellie Brown is more known for her HUGE instagram following and jet set lifestyle these days.

Since leaving the villa, Ellie has been through heartbreak after her relationship with ex Charlie Brake ended (badly), had a stint on Ex On The Beach and was even rumoured to be getting to know England footballer Jack Grealish after they were seen on a night out together (she denied there was anything romantic going on).

Ellie has also switched up her look a little, as demonstrated in a new FIRE Instagram snap where she showed off her new shorter hair and Kim K inspired style.

The snap showed Ellie showing off her bod in a tiny crop top, huge white sunglasses and knee high boots.

Many of her followers flocked to the comments to say they were loving her new look, with one writing, "Insane ❤️❤️❤️."

Another said, "Wow just wow 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.'

One more wrote, "So hottttt 🔥🔥🔥."

Back in 2018, Ellie walked into the Love Island villa when bombshells were dropping left, right and centre, leaving viewers, and most importantly the boys, shocked at her beauty.

She strutted her stuff into the villa with Zara McDermott and Dr Alex almost went into cardiac arrest at the news of their entrance, after it was revealed Ellie was interested in getting to know him.

But that holiday romance didn't last, and instead, Ellie opted to couple up with Charlie (millionaire, loaded, yes please). The pair stayed together throughout their whole time in the villa but it was well reported how their relationship ended...

Let’s take a minute to get to know Ellie a little better.

Who is Ellie Brown?

You'll most likely know Ellie for her stint on Love Island but she's since gone on to star on Ex On The Beach.

What did she do before Love Island?

Ellie was a business development manager in Newcastle. Before going into the villa she described herself as a "cheeky Geordie with loads of energy".

Love Island
ellie starred on love island in 2018 ©ITV2

How old is Ellie Brown?

Ellie is 24 years old. She was born on February 25 1998.

Did Ellie know Adam Collard before Love Island?

Yes. She knows Adam (and his ex) from Newcastle.

"Newcastle is very small so everyone knows everyone. We all speak. If I saw him in a nightclub I would say ‘hello’ but we’ve not been in the same friendship circle," she said.

Is she pals with any other Love Island stars?

Before going onto Love Island, Ellie knew former Love Island stars Alex Beattie (series three) and Sophie Gradon (series two) who tragically died in 2018.

Ellie has since became friends with a bunch of other Islanders including Molly-Mae Hague (series five).

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Love Island 2018 jobs before the show - CLOSER

Adam Collard
1 of 38

Before going on the show and dating Kendall, Rosie, (almost) Megan, Zara and Darylle, Adam was just a 22-year-old personal trainer and gym director from Newcastle.

Dani Dyer
2 of 38

Her dad is the infamous Danny Dyer - aka Mick Carter - but Dani, who has found love with Jack Fincham, is a 21-year-old barmaid from East London.The Dyer family have left London behind and have moved into a proper swanky Essex home.

Dr. Alex George
3 of 38

He was unlucky in love during his time in the villa but outside Dr Alex is living his best life as a 27-year-old A&E doctor from Carmarthen, West Wales. He was recently tipped to become a TV doctor on This Morning.

Eyal Booker
4 of 38

After leaving the villa Eyal said he wants to kickstart his music career but before becoming a reality TV star, the 22-year-old was a model from London. Eyal is also set to appear in the new series of Celebs Go Dating.

Hayley Hughes
5 of 38

She infamously didn't know what Brexit was (remember: does that mean we won't have any trees?) but Hayley is actually a 21-year-old model from Liverpool.

Jack Fincham
6 of 38

He's fallen in love with Dani Dyer but outside of villa Jack is a 26-year-old stationery sales manager from Kent. As the winner of the show, we're not convinced he'll go back to selling pens and paper anytime soon. Yup. He sells pens.

Kendall Rae-Knight
7 of 38

She was the first to leave the villa after Adam shockingly picked Rosie over her. Kendall is a 26-year-old retail manager from Blackpool.

Laura Anderson
8 of 38

Laura knows what she wants and isn't afraid to ask for it and it's no wonder, she's a 29-year-old cabin crew member from Stirling in Scotland.

Niall Aslam
9 of 38

Niall surprised everyone when he quit the show after a few weeks but, later, he bravely spoke out and revealed he has Asperger syndrome.We miss seeing him on our TV screens and wonder if the 23-year-old student and construction worker from Coventry will go back to his day job?

Samira Mighty
10 of 38

Before going on Love Island 22-year-old Samira was a West End performer from London. During her time in the villa it was reported that she was 'being sued' for quitting her theatre role just days before joining the show. She's now in a relationship with Frankie Foster, who she met in the villa.

Wes Nelson
11 of 38

He dated Laura and swiftly (literally the exact same day) Wes moved onto his now girlfriend Megan. Outside of the villa the 20 year old is a electrical and nuclear systems design engineer from Staffordshire. Surprised? We were.

Rosie Williams
12 of 38

Despite being unlucky in love with Adam, who left her for Zara his now-girlfriend, Rosie is a 26-year-old solicitor from South Wales. She has spoken about going back into law, but not anytime soon.

Georgia Steel
13 of 38

She caused a lot of drama in the villa and it shouldn't come as a surprise because Georgia is a 20-year-old performing arts student from York.

Sam Bird
14 of 38

Sam, 25, now Georgia Steel's other half, is a fitness entrepreneur and personal trainer from Norwich. He's no stranger to the spotlight, having trained Georgia Toffolo, or 'Toff' from Made in Chelsea, before she went on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here 2018. Sam is the head trainer at the Core Fitness gym in Norwich.

Josh Denzel
15 of 38

After moving on from Georgia in Casa Amor with Kaz Crossley, viewers were less than impressed with Josh (we don't blame them tbh). However, he's now happily in a relationship with Kaz and fun fact - Josh is a 26-year-old sports presenter from North London.

Megan Barton Hanson
16 of 38

She's been branded Muggy Megan following her time in the villa, but outside Love Island she's a 24-year-old model from Essex. During his career outside the villa, Alex actually kissed Megan during a music video.

Charlie Frederick
17 of 38

He wasn't on the show that long following his "relationship" with Hayley but outside the villa Charlie is a 23-year-old model from Plymouth.

Zara McDermott
18 of 38

She managed to turn bad boy Adam into her actual boyfriend AND he confessed he loved her on national TV. During one of her first scenes on Love Island Zara, who is 21 years old, revealed she's a government advisor from Essex.

Ellie Brown
19 of 38

She's cute and fiery (remember that row she had with Georgia?) but Ellie is actually a 20 year old business development manager from Newcastle.

Jordan Adefeyisan
20 of 38

He wasn't in the villa long (bless him) but Jordan is a 23-year-old model from Stockport.

Kazimir Crossley
21 of 38

Kazimir is a 23-year-old make-up artist from London and has actually worked with Stormzy, Maya Jama and former Love Island stars Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay.

Frankie Foster
22 of 38

He's now coupled up with Samira outside the villa, but before it all started, Frankie was a 22-year-old business management student and fitness coach from Cheltenham.

Darylle Sargeant
23 of 38

She comforted Adam shortly after Zara left but it wasn't to last. Nevertheless Darylle is a 24-year-old eyebrow technician from Watford.

Dean Overson
24 of 38

Poor Dean didn't find love in the villa (Megan picked Alex over him) but he's a 25-year-old a car sales executive from Burnley, if you're interested.

Charlie Williams
25 of 38

We really thought Adam would pick Charlie to go back to the villa but if you fancy dating the 24-year-old bombshell she's a tanning shop assistant from Bath.

Charlie Brake
26 of 38

Charlie is in a relationship with Ellie and one thing we'll never forget about is when the 23 year old revealed that he doesn't have to work but it worth millions of pounds. He's a socialite from Chelsea in London, with a very fancy house and multiple cars.

Savanna Darnell
27 of 38

She wasn't on the show for that long but Savannah, who lived in Casa Amor, is a 22-year-old singer and dancer from Sheffield.

Alex Miller
28 of 38

He came into the villa and was on a mission to couple up with Megan. Unfortunately Alex was booted out of the villa (and Megan moved quickly on to Wes) but he's still a 28-year-old structural glazier from Essex.

Grace Wardle
29 of 38

After her rocky time with Dr Alex and then getting to know new Jack, Grace was forced to leave the villa because she didn't get enough public votes. During her time on the show she said she'd like to work in a hospital but the 25 year old is actually a hairdresser from London.

Jack Fowler
30 of 38

He's arguably one of the hottest Love Island contestants from this series (if not ever). Jack is also a 22-year-old semi-professional footballer from London.

Ellie Jones
31 of 38

Jack's ex-fling Ellie came into the villa and caused a stir with our favourite Love Island couple but she's actually a 22-year-old customer service and office administrator from Kent.

Alexandra Cane
32 of 38

Make-up artist Alexandra, 27, is from Hertfordshire.

Idris Virgo
33 of 38

He told Laura it was Jack who kissed Georgia (LIAR) but we're hoping no one tries to fight 25-year-old Idris because he's actually a professional boxer from Birmingham.

Kieran Nicholls,
34 of 38

He may have joined the villa with Idris but Kieran is not a professional boxer, instead the 26 year old is a personal trainer from London.

josh mair
35 of 38

Josh, 21, is a professional DJ and, wait for it, bodybuilder. He says: "I DJ'ed at Zoo Project, I played on their boat party in Ibiza this summer. I've played at Birmingham musical festivals in the same line up as Stormzy."

laura crane
36 of 38

New Laura is a 23-year-old professional surfer who's been breaking waves since she was 16. She has represented the Great Britain team and taken part in the qualifying world series two year years running. Impressive.

paul knops
37 of 38

Otherwise known as Cool Paul, Paul Knops is the Love Island contestant who has actually SNOGGED Britney Spears. He used to be a carpenter and is now a model. Paul hails from the seaside town of Bournemouth.

Stephanie Lam
38 of 38

Steph is an account manager from Hertfordshire. She says about herself: "Personality-wise, I am always up for a laugh and a bit of fun. I am a very affectionate person and I'm a loyal friend and also girlfriend."

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Adam Collard
1 of 38

Adam Collard

Before going on the show and dating Kendall, Rosie, (almost) Megan, Zara and Darylle, Adam was just a 22-year-old personal trainer and gym director from Newcastle.

Are Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake still together?

The pair are no longer together, announcing their split in October 2018. Despite enjoying a romantic trip to Switzerland and posting some VERY loved-up snaps on social media, it wasn't meant to be.

Taking to social media to update her fans, Ellie wrote, "I am trying to deal with this as best and as quietly as possible but it is hard and if you really believe that you are just as cowardly as the person who said it.

"By no means am I saying I was the perfect girlfriend but I adored Charlie from the bottom of my heart and he knows that. I know everybody is waiting for a comment from me on this whole situation but I really just don’t know what to say....❤️."


Is Ellie Brown on Ex On The Beach?

It was rumoured that BOTH Ellie and her co-star ex Charlie would feature on MTV's Ex On Beach. There were also claims that they clashed while filming.

However when the show aired Charlie actually apologised to Ellie for hurting her and they both finally got closure.

What happened with Ellie Brown and Michael Griffiths?

Ellie managed to get closure from her previously relationship with Charlie Brake and she started seeing Love Island 2019 star Michael Griffiths.

However things didn't last with Michael explaining on The Reality Tea podcast, "Ellie hated me for a little bit. Not immediately after it happened, but it was for a while until last month. Yeah, pretty much December.

"So I'll explain it from my my point. So from the get go, I said to Ellie that I didn't want anything to kind of progress any way because I thought that I would hurt her."

Ellie added, "Yeah, when we left the villa we said we weren’t in a relationship. That was always like set in stone."

However Ellie unfollowed him on Instagram when he was spotted on a date with someone else... just days after their break-up.

She explained, "So Michael started seeing this girl, right. He went to Winter Wonderland with her right, and then he got a picture there for promo and text me saying, ‘what should I caption this picture?’.

"I was like ‘are you serious? Don’t ask me to caption the picture of you at Winter Wonderland with another girl!’"

Has Ellie Brown had a boob job?

In February 2019 it came to light that Ellie had a secret boob job, five months earlier. She shared the results with her fans following a night out with her Love Island co-stars.

Ellie Brown boob job before and after

Ellie has actually deleted all her Instagram photos pre-boob job however if you watch Love Island series four (the 2018 cast), then you'll see Ellie without any surgery.

FYI: here's the oldest photo on Ellie's Instagram page - it was uploaded the same month she had her op.

What happened with Ellie Brown and Joey Essex?

After leaving the villa and splitting from Charlie, not only did Ellie kiss Pete Wicks but she also dated TOWIE's Joey Essex.

Unfortunately things didn't last and they reunited on Ex on the Beach. It was MEGA awkward because Joey started dating Lorena Medina and Ellie was left in tears.

What happened with Ellie Brown and Marcus Rashford?

There were rumours that Ellie kissed footballer Marcus Rashford in a club but he went on to deny the claims.

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YouTuber Jake Paul shares 'screenshot' from Molly-Mae Hague

Kady McDermott: who is the former Love Islander and is she still with Myles Barnett?

Has Jack Fowler secretly split from his girlfriend?

What’s Ellie Brown’s relationship history?

Before Love Island, Ellie’s had two long-term relationships.

Speaking about what they would say about her as a girlfriend, Ellie revealed, "The first one would say that I was so caring, so loyal and I made him my life. His happiness was my happiness. I don’t think he would find a better girlfriend than what I was to him. But by the end I was so unhappy and became a person that I didn’t like. The second guy wouldn’t have a bad word to say. He was a lot older than me and there was too much of an age gap where we didn’t click very well."

Ellie also opened up about being cheated on: "Yes I’ve been cheated on and I know how it feels which is why I wouldn’t do it to someone else. If you’re not happy in a relationship, sort it or get out."

What was Ellie looking for in the villa? What’s her type?

Before heading into the villa, Ellie revealed she had her eye on Dr Alex (YES, FINALLY).

"I’m in love with Alex! I absolutely love him. I don’t have a type. My two ex-boyfriends are so polar opposite, it’s unreal. One was muscly, tall. The other was not much taller than me and a bit older. I’m not looking for anything specific. If they make me happy, they’re for me, and if they don’t, they’re not for me."

What happened with Ellie Brown and Jack Grealish?

In August 2021, Ellie and footballer Jack sparked romance rumours over the weekend when they were pictured looking VERY cosy on a night out in Manchester as they appeared to leave an event together before apparently going clubbing.

According to onlookers, Ellie and Jack "seemed really into each other" after they met at city centre hotspot Peter Street Kitchen.

A source revealed at the time, "Drinks were flowing and they were flirting like mad. At one point they nipped outside for a quiet chat with some friends.

"Later on in the evening, Jack was going to Chinawhite with some of his footballing pals, including teammate Riyad Mahrez and Danny Simpson."

They added to The Sun, "Ellie ended up in the same club as them with her pals."

However, the 2018 Islander has seemingly put an end to the romance rumours as she insisted their encounter was nothing more than a chance meeting.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote, "This ‘party’ was an event and If you know the venue that’s where the toilets are. Must [have] said hi for all of 30 seconds."

What’s Ellie Brown’s Instagram?

You can find Ellie on Instagram here: @brown.elle

What's Ellie Brown's Twitter?

You can also follow Ellie @ellieobrown on Twitter.

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