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Love Island: All Stars has landed

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When after what felt like years and years of teasing us, Love Island: All Stars finally arrived in January 2024, and it's safe to say that it's everything we'd hoped for.

The new series replaces winter Love Island (for now) and sees former Love Islanders venture halfway across the world to the South African villa for a second chance (or possibly more if Adam Collard, Kady McDermott or Scott van-der-Sluis end up being surprise final bombshells) at love/fame/a fresh Hello Fresh promo code.

Love Island All Stars cast
12 former Islanders are returning for Love Island All Stars ©ITV Pictures

It's safe to say, we were slightly trepidatious when ITV finally (and we do mean FINALLY) confirmed they were launching All Stars – after all, are a bunch of influencers who already know each other, and go to the same events night after night, really looking to get into genuine, long-term relationships with each other?

Probably not, but what we've learned now we're well and truly stuck into this new reality telly journey is that it makes for hella good entertainment, so who really cares about love?

What we've got here is Celebrity Ex on the Beach with an ITV filter and the sooner you just accept that, the sooner you'll fall in love with it.

All Stars gathered round the fire pit
All Stars gathered round the fire pit ©©ITV

Part of that ride has been made ever so bumpy and brilliant thanks to the onslaught of bombshells (who are basically all exes of or at least linked to someone in the villa) that keep being dropped on our All Stars.

As such, there's already a whopping cast to get through, so here's the full line-up (as it stands).

Who is on Love Island: All Stars?

To quote Vicky B in Spice World, 'Hold on to your knickers, girls.' ITV casting did good – and, just think, some bombshells could still be in holding. Warning, major spoilers ahead...

Georgia Harrison (Love Island series 3)

Georgia Harrison
Georgia Harrison ©(C) ITV plc

Georgia was the final bombshell to enter the series 3 villa in 2017 on day 34, now she's the stuff of legend... Ten quid says Kem Cetinay is waiting in the bombshell wings as we type. This time around, Georgia had connections with a few Islanders before returning to Anton, becoming a fan-favourite couple.

Toby Aromolaran (Love Island series 7)

toby aromolaran love island all stars
Toby Aromolaran love island all stars ©(C) ITV plc

He found his first relationship in the series 7 villa in the form of Chloe Burrows, but will he find his next match amongst the All Stars? Toby entered the All Stars villa on day one, and after some ups, downs, and broken hearts, he coupled up with Georgia S, who, if you haven't heard, he has deep history with.

Kaz Kamwi (Love Island series 7)

Kaz Kamwi Love Island All Stars
Kaz Kamwi ©(C) ITV plc

Kaz was an All Stars OG, entering the villa on day one, and we're all still remembering the moment she realised her bestie Liberty Poole was in there with her. Now that's love. However, it wasn't meant to be for Kaz and she was dumped from the Island on day 23.

Chris Taylor (Love Island series 5)

Chris Taylor Love Island All Stars
Chris Taylor ©(C) ITV plc

From the villa to Barbie land, back to the villa, everyone wondered would Maura Higgins' ex find his Barbie in the South African villa? As it turns out, no, though not though lack of trying. Chris entered the All Stars villa on day one but was dumped on day 26.

Georgia Steel (Love Island series 4)

georgia steel love island all stars
Georgia Steele ©(C) ITV plc

The series four legend was fresh from Love Island Games and committed to hubby hunting. Prior to entering the villa on day one, Georgia said, "I’m 25, I have a house, a cat, a nice car - I have everything in life but a boyfriend, so why not give it as go." It looks like she has found her match in Toby.

Anton Danyluk (Love Island series 5)

Anton Danyluk
Anton Danyluk ©(C) ITV plc

It looks like Anton really may have found love in the All Stars villa. And we're not talking about Craig David this time. According to Anton, he and Georgia H are going "from strength to strength."

Hannah Elizabeth (Love Island series 1)

Hannah Elizabeth
Hannah Elizabeth ©(C) ITV plc

Hannah Elizabeth – who entered the All Stars villa on day one – got engaged during series one of Love Island back in 2015 and is a timeless icon in our books. However, she didn't last quite as long in the All Stars villa, and was sent home on day 16.

Jake Cornish (Love Island series 7)

Jake Cornish
Jake Cornish ©(C) ITV plc

Proof that Love Island: All Stars wanted to become the next Celebrity Ex on the Beach from the get go... Jake entered the villa on day one and chose to walk moments later. Just three days in, Jake quit the villa after the viewing public voted for him to be coupled up with his ex, Liberty.

Demi Jones (Love Island series 6)

Demi Jones
Demi Jones ©(C) ITV plc

From bombshell to OG, we had a good feeling about Demi 2.0. Or we did, until she was dumped first alongside Luis on day 8. Oh well, a cheeky week away in January it is.

Luis Morrison (Love Island series 1)

Luis Morrison
Luis Morrison ©(C) ITV plc

Old school Love Island fans will know that OG of OGs Luis Morrison needs no introduction. Unfortunately for him, neither do his rumoured playboy ways... He was dumped from the All Stars villa swiftly on day eight.

Liberty Poole (Love Island series 7)

Liberty Poole
Liberty Poole ©(C) ITV plc

A bestie and an ex joining her in the villa? We were already sold but this had a grip on our dramatic souls. We had to wave goodbye to our queen on day 16.

Mitchel Taylor (Love Island series 10)

Mitchel Taylor
Mitchel 'Messy Mitch' Taylor ©(C) ITV plc

Not Mitch Taylor being the last All Star to enter the chat (as an OG, at least). As if saying goodbye to Liberty was bad enough, she took Messy Mitch with her on day 16. The pair were dumped after being voted the public's least favourite couple, and seeing as they had just broken up, it sounds fair enough to us.

Callum Jones (Love Island series 6)

Callum Jones
Callum Jones ©©ITV

Callum Jones was thrown right into the mix as an All Stars bombshell at the end of episode one. Within seconds he came face-to-face with his bombshell ex, Molly. After it looked like he had found love with Georgia S, Toby dramatically stole her away, but Callum seems happy enough with Jess Gale (that's one half of Eve and Jess Gale).

Molly Smith (Love Island series 6)

Molly Smith
Molly Smith ©©ITV

Molly Smith was a model before she entered Love Island 2020 as a bombshell on day 23. She then entered the All Stars villa as a bombshell literally seconds after her ex Callum, and soon found a connection with Tom.

Josh Ritchie (Love Island series 1)

Joshua Ritchie
Joshua Ritchie ©©ITV

The Love Island series one star entered the All Stars villa on day four and soon coupled up with Georgia H – who he dated in 2022, btw. He soon re-coupled with bombshell, Sophie and they appear totally loved up. FYI, Joshua was on series one of the dating show alongside two other All Stars, Luis and Hannah.

Arabella Chi (Love Island series 5)

Arabella Chi
Arabella Chi ©©ITV

Producers shook things up when they sent in Love Island 2019's Arabella Chi as an All Stars bombshell on day 5. She coupled up with Chris, but things soon went south. She has since coupled up with Northern Irish wrestler from series 2, Adam.

Tyler Cruickshank (Love Island series 7)

Tyler Cruickshank
Tyler Cruickshank ©©ITV

Kaz's ex Tyler Cruickshank entered the All Stars villa as a bombshell on day 8 and ooft, the drama. Although he seemed to be bonding with Hannah, he was dumped from the villa by his fellow Islanders on day 16.

Tom Clare (Love Island series 9)

Tom Clare
Tom Clare ©©ITV

The gentle – and drop dead gorgeous – giant Tom Clare entered the All Stars villa with Sophie on day 10 and set his sights on Georgia and Molly. He and Molly have since coupled up and seem to be headed straight for the final.

Sophie Piper (Love Island series 6)

Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner ©©ITV

Sophie Piper re-entered the villa on day 10 alongside fellow bombshell Tom. She had a brief connection with Chris, but ultimately decided that she and Joshua Ritchie had a stronger connection.

Joanna Chimonides (Love Island series 5**)**

Joanna is back on all stars ©itv

Joanna Chimonides entered the villa on day 16 and immediately hit it off with Chris. However, the pair were left vulnerable after being voted least compatible, and she was sent home from the villa on day 25.

Casey O'Gorman (Love Island series 9)

Casey is back for all stars ©itv

Casey O'Gorman entered the villa on day 16, and we suspect it's mainly because he missed his bestie, Tom. After coupling up with Kaz and Eve, Casey was dumped from the villa on day 28.

Joe Garratt (Love Island series 5)

Joe garratt
Joe is back for all stars ©itv - love island

The dreamy sandwich man entered the villa on day 22 and was dumped a mere three days later on day 25. Would we have loved to see more of Joe? Yes. But do we love a shocking and brutal dumping? That's an even bigger yes.

Jess Gale (Love Island series 6)

Jess Gale
Jess Gale ©ITV

Jess entered the villa for the second time on day 16. This time around she got a second try at coupling up with Callum, and the pair are inching closer to that final every day.

Eve Gale (Love Island series 6)

Eve Gale
Eve Gale ©ITV

Did you really think one twin would enter the villa without the other? Eve entered with her sister, Jess, on day 22. She was dumped on day 28 after a sudden break-up with Casey.

Adam Maxted (Love Island series 2)

Adam Maxted
Adam Maxted ©ITV

The latest and possibly final bombshell was Northern Irish Adam from series 2, who made a beeline for Arabella.

When is the Love Island final?

There's only days left until the Love Island All Stars final. It's set to air on Monday 19 February.

When was Love Island: All Stars announced?

ITV took to Instagram on Tuesday 5 September 2023 to finally put us all out of our misery and confirm that the Love Island: All Stars "rumours are true" and the spin-off will be "coming soon" to ITV2.

They wrote, "The rumours are true! 💛 #LoveIsland: All Stars is coming soon."

What nights are Love Island: All Stars on?

Love Island: All Stars every night on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm.

Who is hosting Love Island: All Stars?

Paul Chuckle...

Babes, Maya Jama, obv.

Maya Jama Love Island All Stars
Maya Jama returns as host ©(C) ITV Plc

Who was rumoured for Love Island: All Stars?

Many of our confirmed returning Islanders were rumoured for All Stars, but so were the likes of Megan Barton-Hanson, Olivia Attwood (for some reason – she's married now, boos) and Amy Hart – that one was half true, btw. Amy has been co-hosting the Love Island podcast alongside reality legends Indiyah Polack and Sam Thompson.

Love Island: All Stars continues weeknights at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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