Love Island’s Casey O’Gorman; his age, Claudia Fogarty drama and his ACTUAL height

He was a Love Island 2023 bombshell


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Who is ready for soul mates to be reunited on this season of Love Island?

Nope, we don't mean Molly Smith and Callum Jones because what an absolute horror show that catch-up was.

We are talking about the bromance of all bromances, Casey O'Gorman and Tom Clare.

The All Stars spin-off has seem some interesting romances rekindled, who had any idea that Arabella Chi and Toby Aromolaran were ever a thing, btw? We sure as hell didn't. But surely we can all agree that when the face of Casey flashed up on the screen at the end of last night's episode all we could think about was how excited Tom will be.

Casey is back for all stars ©itv

Who is Casey O’Gorman?

Casey is a Love Island bombshell from the 2023 winter series He entered the villa alongside Jordan Odofin on day 17 and is returning for All Stars with Joanna Chimonides.

How old is Casey O’Gorman?

He’s 26 years old.

Where is Casey O’Gorman from?

Casey’s from Tring in Hertfordshire.

casey ©itv

What does Casey O'Gorman do?

Before his Love Island days Casey was a recruitment consultant which makes so much sense, we would have guessed recruitment or finance. We bet he goes out drinking in Clapham too.

What happened when Casey O'Gorman was on Love Island?

Upon entering the villa he set his sites on Lana Jenkins and coupled up with her briefly, before she left him for Ron Hall. Casey was then coupled up with Claudia Fogarty but his head was briefly turned by bombshell Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo in Casa Amor, but eventually chose to stick with Claudia.

In a shock twist, he then recoupled with Rosie Seabrook and they were dumped from the villa shortly before the final.

Casey and rosie
Casey and rosie ©itv

What happened between Casey O'Gorman and Claudia Fogarty?

Hmmm, WELL, wouldn't we all like to know.

Although Casey decided to ditch Claudia and couple up with Rosie when they were in the villa, once Love Island was over the couple split and Casey was spending A LOT of time with Claudia.

Claudia revealed that her and Casey had 'overstepped' their friendship but now the blonde is loved up with footballer Olly Crankshaw so we're pretty sure they're just mates now.

claudia and casey
claudia and casey ©itv

How tall is Casey O'Gorman?

During an Instagram Q and A Casey finally confirmed how tall he actually is and, in the words of Lizzo, all the rumours are true.

Casey and Jordan walking into the Love Island villa
Fans doubted Casey's height after he walked in next to Jordan ©ITV Pictures

One of his followers asked, “How tall are you?”

He replied, “Right, let’s address this question. I am 6ft tall.”

But despite being tall by most standards, Casey revealed he was actually the shortest boy in the villa.

Casey O'Gorman's Instagram story about how tall he is
Casey cleared up the confusion surrounding his height on Instagram ©Instagram/Casey O'Gorman

“I was the shortest, it sucked. Ron was the second shortest, but he was 6ft1. You had boys like Kai [Fagan] and Tom who were 6ft5. Jordan was 6ft6 who I had to walk in with, so I looked tiny standing next to him in the walk-in.

“You’ve got Shaq who is 6ft3. They’re all just very tall boys in there so it did look like I was short but I can promise you I’m 6ft.”

Casey's confession comes after Cynthia, who got to know him very well in Casa Amor, spilled the beans about his height when she appeared on heat Dates alongside Layla Al-Momani.

Casey and Cynthia
Casey and cynthia ©itv

In an exclusive chat with heat, Cynthia spilled some major tea about her former flame and revealed that Casey – the very same Casey that strutted into the villa looking like a small child in the shadow of fitlord Jordan - is, in fact, 6ft tall.

In a conversation about how fit and tall this year's boys are (no shade, but we assumed Casey's names would be omitted) Cynthia revealed, "It's Casey that looks short – he's 6ft, but all the boys are like 6ft 3 [or taller]."

Does Casey O’Gorman have Instagram?

He does and you can follow him at @caseyogorman.

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