EXCLUSIVE: Amber Beckford’s Casa Amor prediction is absolutely savage


Amber Beckford Casa Amor

by Ben Pulsford |

Casa Amor IS HERE. Well, almost. 🙄🙄

After what has felt like weeks and weeks and WEEKS of waiting (when in reality it's been a matter of days, hasn't it?), Love Island producers have FINALLY decided to give us a glimpse of this season's staple of Love Island staples - Casa Amor.

This year's Casa Amor villa was teased at the end of Thursday night's episode and we might've urinated a little (we should've gone in that last ad break). If that's too graphic for you, wait till some of this lot get chucked into Casa Amor for some salacious teasing and titillating. Things are no doubt set to get heated, physical and downright messy (fingers and toes).

Yep, the iconic flashing neon sign played at the end of last night's episode, signalling that fans will soon see the infamous second villa on screens.

What does it mean for the current couples in the villa? Will heads turn? Only time will tell, as we STILL don't have a definitive date. Love Island producers, you're actually redefining 'cliffhanger' now.

What is Casa Amor?

Casa Amor is, of course, the place created for hearts to be broken…or sometimes beautiful, naughty romances to be sparked. It's also the place where drama is a GUARANTEE. Casa Amor has become somewhat of a staple on the ITV2 dating show since it was introduced in the third season of Love Island in 2017, with fans always expecting an explosion upon the reunion of all the contestants.

The twist is the ultimate test of loyalty where the lads and girls are separated for a few days in two villas – meeting brand new contestants in the meantime. The recoupling after the twist is often the make or break moment for couples as they wait to find out if their partner's head has been turned.

We might not have an exact date for Casa Amor - cause, frankly, we'd book it off work - but it's safe to say it's coming in the next few days. If we had to guess, we're saying Sunday.

Amber Beckford: "I think they’d be like, ‘Bye’."

So to whet your whistle until then, we have some Casa Amor tea for you, courtesy of dumped Islander/mega babe, Amber Beckford.

In the most recent episode of heat's Under the Duvet, we asked Amber to share her Casa Amor predictions, and although she did her best to keep her cards close to her chest (gotta love that post Love Island media training), she soon cracked revealing her downright savage theories, saying, "[Dami] knows that Indiyah really likes him, so that will probably persuade him to not couple up with someone else.

"I don’t know who could have their heads turned; I think anyone could, realistically – if someone comes in one hundred percent your type, I feel like all of them would.

"I don’t think any of them would be like, ‘Ooh, but, I feel sorry for them’. No. I think they’d be like, ‘Bye’."

Just imagine if ALL their heads turned? This could be carnage.

When will Casa Amor start?


Casa Amor normally happens around half way through the series (NOW!). As we said, we might not have an exact date for Casa Amor but if we were putting money on it, we'd say Sunday (always a big day of the week for Love Island producers).

How long will Casa Amor last?

The twist normally lasts around three to four days, with a huge recoupling on the last night (that features Laura Whitmore), where the Islanders have to decide whether they want to stick with their current partner or recouple with a new one.

The ramifications of the show last a lot longer though - remember how Michael Griffiths treated Amber Gill when he recoupled with Joanna Chimonides?

And lest we forget that Callum Jones deciding to couple up with Molly Smith after Casa Amor created the living legend that is Shaughna Phillips. *congrats, hun*

In previous years, Casa Amor has been criticised for "playing with Islanders emotions and feelings". Dani Dyer famously broke down when the girls received a video of the lads' antics in Casa Amor - and Jack Fincham's shock reaction when his ex-girlfriend arrived.

Amy Hart, who appeared on the 2019 series of the show, recently labelled it as "the most horrendous thing ever".

She told Metro, "It’s horrible. That’s what I’d say [about] after care, I would say get rid of Casa Amor. I know it does well for people and it’s good drama but as a person living through Casa Amor? No.

"And you don’t think it’s going to be that bad. When it gets announced, you’re like, Oh that’s sad'. When you’re there, it’s torture, like torturous."

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