Love Island icon Shaughna Phillips is pregnant with her first child 👶

Just IMAGINE this baby shower

Shaughna Phillips Love Island Regret

by Eden-Olivia Lord |

We've been doing this a while now, and we have to say, Islanders rarely take us by surprise anymore; mainly because their whole lives are plastered all over social media for the whole world to suckle on.

So imagine our surprise when Love Island 2020 queen Shaughna Phillips took to Instagram to announce that she is expecting her first child with her mystery boyfriend.

The reality star posted a video montage of her pregnancy in the form an Instagram Reel; everything from the ultrasound, to her positive pregnancy test, to telling Demi Jones live on a red carpet. In the final moments of the touching video, Shaughna confirmed that her baby was due March 2023.

She captioned the post, "Our greatest chapter yet… ✨🤍'

It would be rude not to: Congrats, hun.

Naturally, the reality tele community flooded her comments with well-wishes and emojis.

Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry wrote, "Congrats 😍."

Love Island's Clarisse Juliette commented, "❤️❤️❤️❤️congratulations."

Former Love Island host Laura Whitmore said, "It’s the best! So happy for you x."

Shaughna's Love Island bestie Paige Turley commented, "🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 CANNNNOOT wait to be aunty !!!!!!!"

She even received a congratulations from Callum Jones' girlfriend, Love Island star Molly Smith, "Ahhhhh congratulations angel ❤️❤️❤️." AKA THE HUN IN 'CONGRATS, HUN'.

"I wish I was like, every single challenge, ‘new boy, new boy, new boy"

This summer, heat’s 'Under the Duvet' returned in spectacular fashion and we kicked off the series in style by inviting Love Island royalty Jack Fincham and winter legend Shaughna for some real talk.

And, of course, they didn’t disappoint.

Shaughna, tbh, shocked us a little when she revealed what she really regretted from her time on the show. We thought she was dead set on the gorgeous but maybe a little dull Callum Jones, but that was not the case...

In fact, Shaughna admitted that she wished she’d played things a little differently back in January 2020 and wishes she’d jumped on every boy in there.

Shaughna said, "I didn’t snog everyone in there, but I wish I f-cking did. I wish I was a wild b-tch."

"I wish I was like, every single challenge, ‘new boy, new boy, new boy’."

We're gutted for you, hun.

We wonder if she’d known lockdown was just weeks away, she would’ve, well, jumped.

Who is Shaughna Phillips?

Shaughna Phillips rose to fame on the first-ever winter Love Island series back in 2020 and basically became a national treasure when she uttered the immortal words, "Congrats... hun."

Although she didn't find love in the villa, Shaughna's gone on to a hugely successful career, having appeared on Celebs Go Dating and The Real Full Monty on Ice, as well as launching her own lifestyle and fitness brand called Be You with Shaughna.

She describes herself as "chatty, funny and clever" before confessing, "People won’t expect it from me.

"When they hear me speak about certain things they’ll be shocked. I like to get on with everyone, too."

Shaughna Phillips and Callum Jones

Shaughna and Callum coupled up during their first week in the villa, and we were totally rooting for them - even when Shaughna learned that Callum was a scaffolder, the dreaded job of her cheating ex boyfriend.

Shaughna Phillips Love Island Callum Jones
Shaughna Phillips and Callum Jones coupled up in week one ©ITV Pictures

Unfortunately, Shaughna's inkling to "never trust a scaffolder" turned out to be about right because when Callum and the rest of the lads went off to Casa Amor, Callum returned with Molly Smith on his arm, leading to Shaughna uttering the immortal words, "Congrats... hun."

Shaughna Phillips surgery

Before she went into the villa, Shaughna was open about having had filler and said that her lips were her best feature, admitting, "I paid enough for them!"

Shaughna Phillips legs
Shaughna's legs following her procedure ©Shaughna Phillips instagram

But after facing trolling over her legs while on TV, Shaughna revealed she'd been contacted by a cosmetic clinic who had diagnosed her with lipoedema, characterised as an abnormal build up of fatty deposits in the legs, who offered her liposuction on her calves.

The reality star, who had two litres of fat drained from her legs, opened up about the tough recovery process as she told MailOnline, "The recovery is long winded. You don’t walk out a supermodel. It’s messy and it’s long. Your wounds are left open to leak. My mum was following me around with a mop. She was changing my dressing."

How old is Shaughna Phillips?

Shaughna was born on 11 April 1994. You do the maths.

Where is Shaughna Phillips from Love Island from?

The reality star is a Londoner, hailing from the south of the city.

What is Shaughna Phillips' job?

Unlike the usual Islanders who were influencers, personal trainers or air hostesses, before she went on the show, Shaughna was a democratic services officer for Lambeth Council. She's now...wait for influencer. Who would have thought?

What is Shaughna Phillips' Instagram?

You can follow Shaughna at shaughnaphillips.

Fun fact: she only had 1,890 followers before entering the villa in January 2020. She's now got 1.5 million.

What is Shaughna Phillips' Twitter?

Shaughna is new to the Twittersphere but you can follow her on Twitter @Shaughna_P - she already has 112.3k fans.

What is Shaughna Phillips' TikTok?

Shaughna's TikTok was @shaughnaphillips.

Who are Shaughna Phillips' celebrity friends?

Before she went into the villa, we noticed Shaughna was followed by former Love Island stars Belle Hassan and Jack Fincham.

Speaking of Jack, she's actually said previously he's her celebrity crush after describing him as "a bit of me on toast!"


She became bestest buds with series winner Paige Turley, and is friendly with various Islanders from previous series.

shaughna phillips
Shaughna was a democratic services officer for Lamberth Council ©ITV

Who is Shaughna Phillips ex-boyfriend?

Other than a link to Pete Wicks which they both swiftly shot down following their time on Celebs Go Dating, Shaughna has been single during her time in the public eye.

Back in January 2021, Shaughna had a 'mystery' boyfriend rumoured to be around, and we were totally hooked on the goss. Covering up the man on a snap in Dubai around New Year's Eve, we thought it could be a potential bae.

Shaughna appears to have deleted all traces of her ex-boyfriend and for good reason too - he cheated. She's opened up about their relationship and said, "I always used to think if I got cheated on it’d be door shut, go away.

"It's not like that, cheating messes you up. I could never do that to anyone. I wouldn’t like to be with someone who had cheated in their past."

Who is Shaughna Phillips mystery man/baby daddy?

All we know for certain is that Shaughna is keeping him out of the public eye and his first name is Billy.

What's Shaughna Phillips' type on paper?

Shaughna usually meets her dates through friends or Instagram, "The last two boys I’ve met have been through friends.

"They saw me on my friend’s Instagram and asked to be set up. I’ve not been on any dating apps. I think there’s less pressure when you meet someone out and you just get chatting".

Is Shaughna Phillips joining TOWIE?

Shaughna sparked rumours she was following in the footsteps of fellow Islander Olivia Attwood and joining the cast of TOWIE when she teased a major announcement.

Her friend Paige Turley then replied, “Ooooooooh, TOWIE appearance??” – and we’ve got to say, we can totally see it happening.

After all, Shaughna is close pals with Pete Wicks so she would already have a friend on the show. Sadly though, Shaughna's TOWIE appearance seems unlikely as she hasn't confirmed anything.... yet.

What did Shaughna Phillips say about Faye Winter?

Faye Winter drew comparisons to Olivia Attwood when she first joined the show, but Shaughna weighed in on the matter when she appeared on heat's Under the Duvet with VOXI in 2021.

When host Chris Taylor cheekily asked Shaughna if there is anybody in the villa that she wants to say her ICONIC phrase "Congrats... hun" to, Shaughna replied, “Faye. She’s trying to be me."

She swiftly added, “I’m joking! I didn’t mean it.”

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