Love Island’s Demi Jones: her age, ex-boyfriends and what she’s doing now

She coupled up with Chris Taylor and snogged Luis Morrison

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No shade but if we're being completely honest there's been lots of forgettable Love Island stars over the years.

Don't worry Demi Jones isn't one of them, in fact she's one of the standout stars we do remember from Love Island 2020 and we're not the only ones who loved her because she also appeared on Love Island: All Stars.

She's since been dumped from the villa - thanks to a brutal plot twist - but we thought now is a good enough time to look at how she's been keeping busy when she's not on TV.

demi jones
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Who is Demi Jones?

Demi is a reality star who rose to fame on the first ever winter edition of Love Island in 2020. Prior to that, Demi studied History and Archaeology at the University of Winchester and worked as a fashion advisor at a boutique.

Where is Demi Jones from?

Demi originally hails from Portsmouth.

How old is Demi Jones?

Demi’s birthday is 2 July 1998, she is currently 25 years old.

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What does Demi Jones do?

Prior to love Island, she was a student but in the past few years Demi has launched a curated collection with Missguided called The Golden Hour Edit, worked with brands such as Shein and LoveHoney and Tequila Rose.

What happened when Demi Jones was on All Stars?

Demi was an OG Islander for the first All Stars series and during her short but sweet stint she coupled up with Chris Taylor and she snogged Luis Morrison.

love island demi and chris chatting
demi having a chat with chris ©ITV

She also failed to tell Kaz Kamwi that she'd kissed Luis and she didn't tell Liberty Poole that Mitch Taylor had also described her as his 'number one'.

What happened when Demi Jones was on Love Island 2020?

After arriving in the villa as a bombshell on day 16, Demi immediately took a shine to Nas Majeed and they coupled up two days later. She chose to remain loyal when Nas went to Casa Amor with the rest of the boys, although he left her single when he returned from the villa with Eva Zapico.

love island demi jones and luke mabbott
demi and luke in the beach hut ©ITV

Romance later began blossoming between newly single Demi and Justin Bieber lookalike Luke Mabbott and they coupled up on day 33, despite Shaughna Phillips also showing an interest in Luke.

Demi and Luke eventually made it all the way to the final where they finished in third place behind runners-up Siânnise Fudge and Luke Trotman and winners Paige Turley and Finn Tapp.

What happened between Demi Jones and Luke Mabbott?

Although they continued their relationship outside the villa, things between Demi and Luke just weren’t meant to be and they split just a few months later in June 2020. Shortly before they split, Luke was rumoured to have cheated on Demi with a university student although he has always denied this is true.

Demi Jones Luke Mabbott Love Island
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Demi later confirmed she and Luke had parted ways as lockdown meant they weren’t able to see each other. “It is a shame because he is a lovely boy and we’re all amicable and friendly, but unfortunately when we came out of the villa I realised my energy wasn’t being reciprocated with Luke on effort levels and such,” she told Metro.

She added, “We drifted [apart] and obviously we’re so far away in lockdown which is a shame, but I wish him all the best.”

What has Demi Jones said about Luke Mabbott’s relationship with Lucie Donlan?

Demi and Luke may have seemingly ended on good terms, but she caused quite the stir when he went public with new girlfriend Lucie Donlan as she appeared to suggest there may have been a crossover in their relationships.

In a YouTube video, Demi explained, “All of a sudden, I cannot remember the precise day, he rung me out of the blue and was like, 'I need to end it and I need to end it now' - it was quite sudden. Very shortly after, I actually received some photos in my DMs from a fan that has spotted Luke and Lucie in Cornwall together. This was probably less than two weeks after the public break up.

Demi Jones Love Island Luke Mabbott

“I went back through all of Lucie's profile to see if there was anything on there that maybe I might see that they're together, and I noticed all these cryptic captions with loads of 'shh' emojis and about getting butterflies and secret eyes. And I put two and two together and they obviously must have started talking during lockdown."

After he and Lucie were inundated with abuse from trolls in the wake of Demi’s video, Luke took to social media to set the record straight.

He said, “Me and Demi split up on the 29th of May, that's when Lucie checked with me - a couple days after, a week after or something - to see if I was single and then we went on a date 17th June which wasn't in Cornwall, so I don't know where she's got Cornwall."

Did Demi Jones date Jamie Clayton?

Demi and Jamie became close friends in the Love Island villa but he sparked rumours of a recoupling on the outside world when he shared a rather cosy-looking snap of them strolling through Manchester together with the caption, “It might have been a rainy few days in Manny but I got a wee visit from my sunshine ☀️💛 @demijones1.”

Demi only added fuel to the fire in the comments section as she wrote, “Loving you 😍😍,” which left fans begging them to date.

Although their followers were clearly keen for a romance, neither Demi nor Jamie ever confirmed or denied they were together, and he later went public with new girlfriend Jordanne Duggan. It appears Jamie could be back on the market though, as he’s deleted all trace of Jordanne from his Instagram.

Demi Jones’ weight loss transformation

Love Island Demi Jones weight loss transformation

In January 2021, Demi revealed that she had lost three stone in two years as she opened up about her weight loss journey and shared never-before-seen pictures of her transformation.

"I’ve always been too scared to post these, but I do want to show how much weight I’ve actually lost. Since coming out of the villa, I’ve put a few pounds on, obviously because of lockdown etc. but in general I’m literally so proud," Demi wrote alongside the snaps.

The influencer then went on to explain how she lost the weight with Slimming World, despite not following their ideals “strictly”. She also admitted that she had been “unhealthily” maintaining her weight before appearing on Love Island by going “to the gym every day” which she soon realised was unsustainable.

Demi Jones’ thyroid cancer scare

Demi broke down in tears in an emotional Instagram post in April 2021 as she revealed she found a lump that doctors think could be cancerous. She told fans she was “shocked” as she left her hospital appointment after being told she could have thyroid cancer.

Demi said, “I went to go get the results today for my lump and they think it could be cancerous. I've got to go have it operated and removed. I'm worried, but I'm sure it will be fine. It's just a shock because you just don't think. I was sat there in the waiting room and it was full of old people and I was the only young one there.

“I know loads of women go through this so I'll be fine. It might not even be cancerous. They've got to cut it out to be sure. I'm just a bit shocked at the moment. I'll be ok, I'll get it removed and I should be fine."

Demi Jones thyroid cancer lump removed

Demi updated her fans a few weeks later after having surgery to get the lump removed.

She told her followers that she was "very sleepy and painful" but said the surgery "went really well".

"The lump on my thyroid was as big as a golf ball," she wrote on Instagram.

“The NHS staff at QA Portsmouth have been unbelievable! ❤️ and thank you for all your messages they have made me tearful.”

Does Demi Jones have TikTok?

Demi’s username on TikTok is @demijones.

Is Demi Jones on Instagram?

Of course she is. Demi’s Instagram username is @demijones1.

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