Luke Mabbott reveals the one thing that would have made him win Love Island

And it makes total sense, TBH.

Luke Mabbott Love Island

by William Marriott |

Luke Mabbott, fitlord and Justin Bieber lookalike has just revealed what it would have taken for him to have won Love Island 2020 - and it's not what you might think.

Luke was a contestant on Love Island's first-ever winter series, joining the house on day 12 and making it to the final three with partner Demi Jones. The pair sadly parted ways only four months after leaving the show, and Luke is currently engaged to Love Island 2019 contestant Lucie Donlan.

Answering questions on an Instagram Q&A, Luke revealed that if he and Lucie had been on the same season, they'd have the Love Island Trophy in. the. bag.

Lucie and Luke Love Island

Responding to a fan's question, Luke said, "We both always say this but I think we would have found each other and that would have been it 😍 We would have definitely won, just saying 🤷‍♂️" If you say so, hun.

While Luke may have not won the Love Island 2020 trophy, he and Luke T definitely won our hearts with their adorable bromance. Obsessed.

Who is Luke Mabbott?

Luke Mabbott is a reality star and influencer who rose to fame on the first-ever winter edition of Love Island in 2020. During his time on the show, Luke coupled up with Jess Gale, Natalia Zoppa and Demi Jones. He and Demi finished in third place in the final behind runners-up Luke Trotman and Siânnise Fudge and winners Finn Tapp and Paige Turley.

Since finding fame on Love Island, Luke has launched a clothing edit with Hiscolumn and is currently training as a boxer in preparation for a charity fight with reality star and DJ Tom Zanetti later this year. Prior to his showbiz career, Luke worked as a heating engineer.

How old is Luke Mabbott?

Luke was born on 4 May 1995, so he’s currently 26 years of age.

Where is Luke Mabbott from?

Luke is originally from Redcar, a town just outside Middlesbrough in the north of England.

Who is Luke Mabbott’s girlfriend?

Luke has been dating 2019 Islander Lucie Donlan since July 2020. They first sparked romance rumours a month earlier when eagle-eyed fans spotted them swapping flirty comments on Instagram and later confirmed they were an item when they enjoyed a romantic couples’ staycation.

“They were messaging each other over Instagram during lockdown and as the rules relaxed their romance blossomed. Luke wasn't single for long after he split with his ex Demi and Lucie is his dream woman - he can't believe his luck,” a source told The Sun at the time.

Just months after getting together, Luke and Lucie teased starting their own “little family” and later adopted an adorable rescue dog named Bunny. The couple worked with charity The Pack Project to adopt the Labrador and Romanian Shepherd cross from Romania where she was found abandoned under car.

Are Luke Mabbott and Lucie Donlan engaged?

Yes! Luke and Lucie announced their engagement in December of last year after he popped the question during a romantic trip to Finland.

His caption read: "Mrs Mabbott to be…💍♥️ The northern lights made an appearance for the perfect moment to pop the question. A night we will never forget..♥️" Adorable.

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After failing to find love in the villa (she famously got the 'ick' whilst with Mike Boateng), Leanne's time on the island was cut relatively short in a cruel dumping.

Luke Mabbott Love Island Demi Jones split

Why did Luke Mabbott and Demi Jones split?

After finishing in third place on Love Island, Luke and Demi continued their relationship on the outside world but it wasn’t long before cracks started to show.

Just weeks after they left the villa, it was reported that Luke had cheated on Demi with a university student during a nightclub PA in Wales – something he has always denied.

The pair split three months later when their relationship fizzled out due to being kept apart during lockdown. “It's no huge drama - they're just better off as friends. They had a good run but they have split for good,” a source told The Sun at the time.

The insider type added, "There’s been no cheating or drama they just drifted apart - he’s looking forward to lockdown being over and making the most of his new single status."

However, after Luke went public with Lucie, Demi released a YouTube video in which she accused him of ending their relationship “quite suddenly” and said he got together with Lucie “less than two weeks” after they broke up.

After he and Lucie were targeted by online trolls in the wake of Demi’s video, Luke hit back on Instagram and wrote, “Me and Demi split up on the 29th of May, that's when Lucie checked with me - a couple days after, a week after or something - to see if I was single and then we went on a date 17th June which wasn't in Cornwall, so I don't know where she's got Cornwall."

Luke also claimed Demi had asked him to delay their split until she had launched her clothing collection.

Wait, did Luke Mabbott appear on Geordie Shore?

Yep, a year after he appeared on Love Island, a video of Luke making a cameo on Geordie Shore resurfaced online. In the clip, which was originally filmed in 2014 when Luke was 18, Vicky Pattison makes a beeline for him in a club after falling out with Aaron Chalmers.

“The only way to get through this is to get pissed and tash on with randoms, It just so happens that the first person I see happens to be Justin Bieber’s younger brother,” Vicky says as the camera pans to a baby-faced Luke.

Luke Mabbott Love Island Geordie Shore

Vicky then leans in for a snog, leaving the Middlesborough lad grinning from ear to ear.

Speaking to the camera after kissing Luke, Vicky says, “What the actual f--k? What am I playing at? I’m old enough to be his mam.”

Who is Luke Mabbott’s brother Liam?

It’s no secret that Luke is a major fitlord but it turns out he’s got an equally hot brother called Liam too. The Justin Bieber lookalike shared a snap of him reuniting with Liam after he returned home from the Love Island villa, sending fans wild. Some even claimed Liam should enter the ITV2 show himself, however he’s well and truly off the market with a long-term girlfriend and a young son.

Did Luke Mabbott fight Tom Zanetti?

Luke and Tom agreed to fight each other in a celeb vs celeb boxing match to raise money for charity. The match was set to take place in front of 21,000 people at Manchester’s AO Arena on 2 October 2021. A few days before the fight, Tom Zannetti revealed that Mabbott backed out of the fight for unknown reasons.

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What’s the drama between Luke and his ex Chloe Ephraim?

When Luke was in the Love Island villa, his ex Chloe claimed she was speaking to him just days before he appeared on the show. The IT graduate, who met Luke on holiday in Turkey when she was 18, even said she wanted to enter the villa to confront him.

She said, “I’ve felt so sick ever since I found out. I was speaking to him four days before he appeared on the show. We were planning for me to go down and visit him for a whole weekend.

“He started pursuing me again just after Christmas and he must have known that he was going on the show then. He didn’t say anything. He just led me on and I was planning to go stay with him for the whole weekend.”

How can I follow Luke Mabbott on Instagram?

You can find Luke on Instagram at @lukemabbott, where has a whopping 1.1.million followers.

How can I follow Luke Mabbott on Twitter?

If Twitter’s more your thing then you’ll find Luke tweeting at @mabbottluke.

Does Luke Mabbott have TikTok?

He sure does, you can follow him at @lukemabbott.

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