Love Island series five – where are they now?

Here's what the Love Island 2019 stars are doing now

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Love Island 2019 - aka series five - is definitely in our top two favourite seasons ever.

We had Anna Vakili and Jordan Hames' infamous argument, Amber Gillwinning the show with Greg O'Shea (literally days after he entered the villa) and Maura Higgins simply being iconic.

It's been over three years since we were first introduced to the series five bunch, so we've had a look at what they're all doing now...

Amber Gill

amber gill
amber was an og islander ©ITV

Amber was an OG Islander on Love Island and had a rocky time on the show. She was left devastated when Michael came back from Casa Amor with Joanna. She then got in a friendly couple with BFF Ovie but two weeks before the final Greg arrived and they managed to win the show together.

Nowadays you'll see Amber living her best life on holiday, she appeared on SAS Who Dares Wins and she's dating footballer Jen Beattie.

Greg O'Shea

Greg O'Shea
greg was one of the final bombshells ©ITV2

Greg entered the villa two weeks before the final alongside India and Harley. He swept Amber off her feet and went on to win the show.

Things fell apart shortly after leaving the show with reports surfacing that Greg dumped Amber by text. He's since completed his law degree, took part in the Olympics, he's now a TV presenter and he's dating a model.

Molly-Mae Hague

Molly-Mae Hague
molly was an early bombshell ©ITV

Molly-Mae Hague arrived in the villa on day 4 and had a date with Curtis and Tommy. However Molly played the field a little by sparking an interest in Danny and Anton but when Maura entered, Molly saw sense and coupled up with Tommy. They were inseparable in the show and came runner-up.

Unless you've been living under a rock you're probably up to date with Molly-Mae. She's still loved up with Tommy, she's launched her own tanning business Filter, she's the most followed Love Island star of all time, has welcomed Bambi into the world and while she's no longer the creative director of PrettyLittleThing, she's still an ambassador for the brand.

Tommy Fury

tommy fury
tommy was an OG bombshell ©ITV

Tommy Fury has been perfect from the get-go. He was obsessed with Molly from the beginning and it paid off because they become official in the villa, declared their love for each other and came runner-up on the show.

Tommy is now engaged to Molly, they've bought a fancy house together, he's still boxing and he welcomed baby Bambi into the world in 2023.

Ovie Soko

ovie soko love island
ovie was a casa amor bombshell ©ITV

Ovie Soko is still one of the fittest men to ever go on Love Island. He was a Casa Amor bombshell and instantly coupled up with Anna. However when they returned to the main villa, Anna reunited with Jordan. Ovie then got in a friendly couple with Amber but then recoupled with India. He came third on the show which is pretty good considering he was a Casa Amor bombshell.

Ovie and India split shortly after the show but if you're one of Ovie's 1.6 million Instagram followers then you'll know that he's still hot, playing basketball and he's working with Boss.

Anna Vakili

anna vakili love island
anna was an og islander ©ITV

Whenever we think of Love Island 2019, Anna screaming 'TWO DAYS' in Jordan's face always springs to mind. She was an OG star and was coupled up with Sherif but when he was booted from the show, she got in a couple with Jordan. However her head turned towards Ovie in Casa Amor but she soon reunited with Jordan. In a bizarre twist though, Jordan tried to 'crack on' with India, just days after getting into a relationship with Anna.

Following her time on Love Island, Anna has launched a podcast with her sister Mandi, she's hinted at a secret feud with Molly and Maura and it appears that she's got beef with Sam Thompson.

Michael Griffiths

love island michael griffiths
michael was an og islander ©ITV

Michael Griffiths was another OG contestant, he originally coupled up with Yewande but then recoupled with Amber. They seemed like one of the strongest couples but he surprised everyone when he recoupled up with Casa Amor's Joanna. After Joanna was dumped from the villa, Michael tried to win Amber back but it was too late and shortly after he was dumped from the villa.

He's since become the winner of PCA British championship 2022 men's physique, he made a cameo on Dream Boys and he's now a fitness trainer. Michael has also been rumoured to date Bethan Sowerby and Love Island 2018 star Ellie Brown.

Jordan Hames

Jordan Hames
jordan was a bombshell ©ITV

Jordan coupled up with Anna, stayed loyal to her in Casa Amor and even managed to win her back from Ovie but he messed up shortly before the final when days after asking Anna to be his girlfriend, he tried to crack on with India.

He has since dated influencer Millie Hannah and he now models all over the world.

Amy Hart

love island amy hart
amy was an OG Islander ©ITV

Oh Amy Hart. A sweetheart who got the short straw. She was an OG star and coupled up with Anton but she decided to recouple with Curtis. They appeared like the perfect couple but she was left devastated when he tried to crack on with Jourdan. It was after Curtis and Maura started flirting that Amy decided to quit the villa.

Amy managed to get the last laugh though because she's done presenting gigs on This Morning, she took part in panto and she's welcomed her first child with her fiancée Sam Rason.

Maura Higgins

Maura Higgins
maura was an early bombshell ©ITV

She's an icon, she's a legend and she is the moment. It didn't take long for Maura to cause a stir when she tried to couple up with Tommy. However after getting mugged off by Tom, she coupled up with Curtis and they came fourth on the show.

Maura and Curtis split in March 2020 and after she started dating fellow Islander and BFF Chris and then Strictly's Giovanni. She's still best pals with Molly-Mae although she's seemingly fallen out with fellow Islander Lucie, she's an ambassador for Ann Summers and she bagged herself a presenting role on Love Island USA.

Yewande Biala

love island yewande biala
yewande was an og islander ©ITV

Yewande Biala was an OG star and coupled up with Michael and Danny. However she was dumped from the island when Danny recoupled with Arabella but she did leave by savagely telling him, 'What goes around comes around and have a nice life' line.

Nowadays she's released her own book, hosted a podcast alongside Will Njobvu, she's best pals with fellow Islander Joe and she's set to appear in a new Channel 4 documentary.

Joe Garratt

love island joe garratt
joe was an og islander ©ITV

Joe Garratt was originally coupled up with Lucie but he received a lot of backlash after fans accused him of 'gaslighting' her. He was soon dumped from the villa but insisted he'd want to continue dating Lucie outside the villa.

As of 2023, he's best pals with Yewande, he dated Frankie Sims while appearing on TOWIE and he's rumoured to be seeing Married At First Sight Australia's Jessika Power.

Belle Hassan

belle hassan love island
belle was a casa amor bombshell ©ITV

Belle Hassan was a Casa Amor bombshell and instantly coupled up with Anton. Despite a few explosive rows they managed to stay together even after the show.

They've since split but Belle now has a new boyfriend, she posts make-up tutorials and she exclusively spoke to heatworld about what life as an influencer is really like.

Jourdan Riane

Jourdan Riane
jourdan was a casa amor bomshell ©ITV

Another Casa Amor bombshell, Jourdan Riane coupled up with Danny and joined the main villa. Things were awkward between Jourdan and Amy because Curtis wanted to couple up with her. Unfortunately her time on the show didn't last long but still, she made it to the main villa.

Following her short Love Island stint Jourdan was rumoured to sign a modelling contract with Kendall Jenner's agency and she's been hanging out with Millie Court and Chloe Burrows.

India Reynolds

love island india reynolds
india was one of the final bombshells ©ITV

India Reynolds was one of the last people to enter the villa but she won the jackpot because she managed to couple up with Ovie and they came third of the show.

After leaving the show India and Ovie split, she's set up her own vegan Instagram account, she's an ambassador for Pour Moi and she's often travelling on the 'gram.

Sherif Lanre

love island sherif lanre
sherif was an og islander ©ITV

Sherif Lanre didn't get too much airtime after he was kicked off the show after nine days. There were plenty of rumours flying around about why he was axed but it was in 2022 he finally confirmed he was booted from the villa because of an incident with Molly-Mae.

Since leaving the show, Sherif has been pretty outspoken about Love Island and he's returned to playing rugby.

Callum Macleod

love island callum
callum was an og islander ©ITV

From day one Callum MacLeod was coupled up with Amber but things were awkward when she told him he wouldn't suit sunglasses, bless him. Shortly after he was dumped from the villa - the first Islander out.

Callum has since returned to his regular job - an aircraft engineer. He also married his girlfriend Jade Olivia in June 2023.

Curtis Pritchard

love island curtis pritchard
curtis was an OG bombshell ©ITV

Curtis Pritchard had a rocky time on the show - he coupled up with Amy, wanted to date Jourdan but she shut him down, then he broke up with Amy and started dating Maura. Despite all that he came fourth on the show.

Curtis has since split from Maura, appeared on Hollyoaks, he had a part on the Greatest Dancer alongside Cheryl and in November 2023 he'll appear on Love Island Games.

Danny Williams

love island danny williams
danny was an early bombshell ©ITV

Danny Williams arrived in the villa and seemingly had a spark with Molly-Mae however it wasn't long before he coupled up with Yewande. He then dumped her for Arabella and then coupled up with Jourdan in Casa Amor. They left the villa together as a couple.

Months after leaving Love Island, Danny and Jourdan split amid cheating allegations. According to his Instagram bio he's now a mental health and exercise coach and his ex-girlfriend Leah Taylor went on Love Island in 2023.

Arabella Chi

love island arabella chi
arabella was an early bombshell ©ITV

Arabella Chi wasn't on the show long but she did manage to couple up with Danny, even though he was with Yewande. Unfortunately she was dumped from the villa shortly before Casa Amor.

After leaving the show, Arabella went on to date Wes Nelson, she's continued modelling and she was recently spotted on Leonardo DiCaprio's yacht.

Joanna Chimonides

joanna chimonides love island
joanna was a casa amor bombshell ©ITV

Joanna Chimonides was another Casa Amor babe that's managed to stay relevant. She coupled up with Michael, became pals with Amber even after that 'dead ting' jibe and after Joanna was dumped she branded Michael a 'snake' for not leaving with her.

However it appears that there was no bad blood because she was spotted snogging Michael at a festival, she's now BFFs with Kady McDermott and she's an ambassador for Pandora and Down's Syndrome Association.

Elma Pazar

love island elma pazar
elma was a bombshell ©ITV

Elma Pazar arrived in the villa alongside Maura and she hit it off with Anton. It didn't work out though and she was dumped from the villa.

After her time on Love Island, Elma has continued with her eyelash business, she's starred on TOWIE and she's sparked rumours with her Essex co-star Diags.

Chris Taylor

love island chris taylor
chris was a late bombshell ©ITV

Chris Taylor was another latecomer in the villa but he did manage to couple up with Harley. It didn't last though and they were dumped together.

After splitting from Harley, Chris moved in with Michael, Jordan and Danny, he's co-hosted heat's Under the Duvet and he dated Maura.

Harley Brash

love island harley brash
harley was a late bombshell ©ITV

Harley Brash was a latecomer in the villa but she coupled up with Chris. Unfortunately they were a new couple and were quickly dumped from the villa.

Since leaving the villa, Harley has remained close pals with 2018 star Ellie Brown, she's dating someone who looks like Leonardo Dicaprio and she's living her best influencer life.

Francesca Allen

love island francesca allen
francesca was a late bombshell ©ITV

Francesca Allen arrived in the villa after Casa Amor and didn't find much luck in the villa. She was dumped from the villa alongside Michael.

We can tell you right now, Fran's life has gone on the up since leaving Love Island. She's engaged, is the co owner of two businesses and she's often seen travelling on her Instagram.

Anton Danyluk

anton danyluk love island
anton was an og islander ©ITV

Anton Danyluk was an OG cast member and at first he coupled up with Amy, he was cracking on with Elma but after she was booted from the show and then he coupled up with Casa Amor's Belle. They were dumped from the villa shortly before the final.

Anton and Belle split after leaving the villa but he's now dating someone new. According to his Instagram bio he's an online transformation specialist, he's the co-founder of an app that aims to help children understand mental health and in May 2023 he released a BBC documentary on male body image.

Lucie Donlan

love island lucie donlan
lucie was an og islander ©ITV

Lucie Dolan was an OG Islander who tried to make 'bev' happen. She coupled up with Joe, tried to couple up with Tommy and then she got in a couple with George shortly before getting dumped from the villa.

Since leaving the villa she's started dating Love Island 2020 star Luke Mabbott, she was slammed by her fellow Islanders after it came to light that she wouldn't pronounce Yewande's name correctly and she's apparently fallen out with Maura.

Tom Walker

tom walker love island
tom was a bombshell ©ITV

Tom Walker wasn't on the show for long thanks to his 'It'll be interesting to see if she's all mouth or not' quote about Maura.

He's since gotten married, he's still modelling and he has an Only Fans account.

Lavena Back

Lavena Back
lavena was a casa amor bombshell ©ITV

Casa Amor's Lavena Back is famed for saying 'We're going to take your men' and unfortunately failed.

However it seems that she's thriving after getting married and having a baby.

Nabila Badda

Nabila Badda
nabila was a casa amor bombshell ©ITV

Casa Amor's bombshell Nabila Badda wasn't in the villa long.

Judging by her Insta though she's travelling and living her best influencer life.

Maria Wild

Maria Wild
maria was a casa amor bombshell ©ITV

Maria Wild is another Casa Amor bombshell who didn't make it back to the main villa.

However she's now an influencer and judging by her 2022 highlights she still pals with Joanna, Love Island 2018 star Danielle Sellers and 2020 Islander Sophie Piper.

Stevie Bradley

stevie bradley love island
stevie was a casa amor bombshell ©ITV

Another Casa Amor bombshell we've completely forgot about is Stevie Bradley.

As of 2023, Stevie has 27k Instagram followers and he seems totally loved up with his girlfriend Olivia Baron.

Dennon Lewis

love island dennon
dennon was a casa bombshell ©ITV

Dennon was a footballer before going on the show so you'd assume he'd do well on the show but the Casa Amor star didn't even make it back to the main villa.

He's still a professional footballer but if you want to follow him you'll have to request him on Insta because he's gone private.

Marvin Brooks

Marvin Brooks
marvin was a casa bombshell ©ITV

Marvin Brooks was a Casa Amor star who did manage to make it back to the main villa with Maura, however she double dumped him alongside Lucie and George.

He's done pretty well for himself with over 370k Instagram followers and he's a vegan athlete (according to his Instagram bio).

George Rains

George Rains
george was a casa amor bombshell ©ITV

George Rains also made it back into the main villa alongside Lucie after joining the show during Casa Amor. Unfortunately he was dumped by Lucie at the same time Maura dumped Marvin.

Following his time in the villa he sparked dating rumours with Yewande but then it came to light that he apparently had a secret girlfriend. Nowadays he's modelling and travelling.

Dan Rose

Dan Rose
dan was a casa amor bombshell ©ITV

Dan Rose was and still is GORGEOUS but he didn't make it back into the main villa from Casa Amor.

According to his Instagram, he's travelling a lot.

When was the Love Island final 2019?

After an amazing series, the 2019 Love Island final took place on Monday 29th July 2019, live from the villa in Mallorca.

Who was in the Love Island final?

After Belle Hassan and Anton Danyluk were dumped from the villa on Sunday night's show (28th July), Molly-Mae and Tommy, Maura and Curtis, India and Ovie, and Amber and Greg made it into the 2019 final.

the love island 2019 finalists ©© ITV Pictures

Who won Love Island 2019?

Back in 2019, during series five of Love Island, Amber Gill and Greg O'Shea were crowned the winners.

Love Island final voting figures

Despite many thinking the final vote would have been close between Amber and Greg and Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury, it actually wasn't.

Check out: Love Island 2019 final voting figures


RADIO Love Island 2019 voting figures STACKED

CREDIT: Amber and Greg u00a9 ITV Pictures

WINNERS: Amber Gill and Greg O'Shea


CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

2ND PLACE: Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague


CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

3RD PLACE: India Reynolds and Ovie Soko


CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

4TH PLACE: Maura Higgins and Curtis Pritchard


What is the prize for winning for Love Island?

A cool £50,000. If the winning couple decide to split the money, each Islander gets a massive £25,000 each.

Why is Love Island not on TV on a Saturday?

Despite sitting down six nights of the week, Love Island doesn't air on a Saturday night and 2017 winner Kem Cetinay has revealed the reason why.

Speaking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning, Kem revealed the Islanders actually get a DAY OFF from filming, where they can leave the villa so the cleaners can go in.

What time is Love Island on?

Love Island will be on TV at 9pm every night. Most episodes will last one hour, but some juicy episodes are extended.

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