Love Island’s Joanna Chimonides reveals FIT Hollywood A-lister slid into her DMs and OMG

They would make a HOT couple and he's newly single 🔥

Joanna Chimonides Love Island

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Love Island 2019 star Joanna Chimonides has spilled the tea on her love life and we're obsessed.

We wouldn't be surprised to find that most of the love Islander's DMs are filled with messages from countless other influencers and celebs trying to shoot their shot, however when you've got a Hollywood A-lister sliding into your DMs that's a WHOLE other story.

But for season five's Joanna, that is actually what happened. Yep, after checking her Instagram, the Love Island babe found a DM from none other than Micheal B Jordan. Wow, a girl can only dream.

Chatting to The Sun, Joanna revealed, “There was someone two weeks and I can’t name names but oh my gosh, he’s from America and a famous actor.

“I actually did a TikTok and was choosing between certain people and I kept choosing this person.

“Literally next minute he was liking all my photos and stories two weeks in a row. Then he slid into my DMs and then unsent it.”

We did a bit of digging and turns out she rejected all the other FIT celebs and picked Michael.


So recently single Micheal probably saw Joanna's TikTok and thought he'd shoot his shot. Fair play tbh.

London girl Joanna Chimonides only entered the Love Island during Casa Amor week in season five, but she certainly made an impression and still has legions of devoted followers.

Joanna is always treating her fans to hilarious TikTok videos, in a recent clip, the influencer teased a 'third person ' in her relationship (we didn't even know she was in one, sneaky sneaky) after she had a tarot reading.

She captioned the video, "I’m sorry but.. do we wanna know or? 😂".

Her followers were a little confused by her confession, with many rushing to the comments to guess what or who it could be causing some potential drama.

One wrote, "Maybe it’s an annoying mom getting involved 😂."

Someone else said, "You are defo pregnant 😳".

Another added, "You still obsessed with them cards 😂."

Joanna has definitely had an eventful love life since bursting on our radar in 2019. As well as her ex Michael Griffiths, who decided to couple up with Joanna and leave poor old Amber Gill single, she has also dated England football player and all round fitty Ben Chilwell.

After Joanna was announced to appear on Love Island, reports suggested that Ben was annoyed, despite the footballer dumping her in 2018.

A source told the earlier publication, "Ben has been left furious by her going on the show even though he dumped her at the end of last summer because he wanted to be single.

"They had stayed good friends until when she told him she was going on Love Island. She thought Ben was partying too much and he thought she was the right person at the wrong time."

Who is Joanna Chimonides?

Joanna was a recruitment consultant from London but her career took a turn when she entered the Love Island villa as part of Casa Amor week in 2019. After catching the eye of Scouser Michael, Joanna secured her place in the main villa when Michael chose to couple up with her, in turn dumping Amber.

When was Joanna Chimonides dumped from Love Island?

After finding themselves in the bottom two alongside Anna Vakili and Jordan Hames following a public vote, Joanna and her partner Michael lost out to Anna and Jordan when their fellow Islanders decided to save them.

However, the drama didn't end there because only ONE of the two would be sent home, with the Islanders deciding to save Michael and send Joanna packing from the villa.

michael and joanna on their dumping day ©© ITV Pictures

Did Michael Griffiths leave Love Island with Joanna Chimonides?

Nope. Despite admitting he's found everything he wanted, Michael made the decision to stay in the villa, admitting he thinks it will be good for their relationship to spend time apart.

After the pair both landed back in England, they couple of weeks of on and off-ing on the outside world – but things just weren't meant to be.

What did Joanna Chimonides say to Michael Griffiths on Love Island?

After their fellow Islanders chose to save him over Joanna, many were taken aback by Michael's decision NOT to leave with her.

Joanna fumed, "If you found what you want then you better leave mate. But you clearly aren't so you're a f**king snake."

Speaking after her exit, Joanna said, "Part of me expected Michael to leave with me, however I don’t want to be in control of someone’s life journey and if he wants to continue in the villa, to get to know someone else or see where things go, I’ve got respect for that. It is a bit disappointing but I’d never hold that against him."

Joanna Love Island age
joanna in the beach hut ©© ITV Pictures

Are Joanna Chimonides and Michael Griffiths still together?

After they were both booted off the show, Joanna admitted she was still in contact with Michael.

Chatting to heat Radio's Jordan Lee on an episode of heat's Under the Duvet, Joanna said, "I was scared as to what Michael was going to come out to.

"The next day after Aftersun I called him up and he was like 'oh, I didn't know you were going to call me up.' I was like 'I just want to check you're okay and not taking these comments to heart. There are trolls out there. Everything's okay, I'm okay. If you need advice, come to me. I'm here.'

love island joanna and michael
joanna with michael in the villa ©ITV

"I've been checking up on him daily to check he's okay, because I think that despite what's going on you need to be there for that person. I'm mature and I'm a positive person and I've got on with it now. I feel good enough to turn round and go 'I'm here for you. Nothing's going to happen, but I'm still here."

Asked if she thinks producers purposely painted him as the 'villain,' Joanna explained, "Some of the stuff he says, you can't edit. [Him saying] 'Joanna made me feel like she isn't into me, so I'm going to see how things are with Amber;' you can't edit that.

"I said this to him over the phone. You can't edit that, and that's what I'm trying to say to you...You can't edit words."

What does Joanna Chimonides think about Amber Gill?

After being dumped from the villa, Joanna revealed she's on good terms with Amber. She said, "Me and Amber are on very good terms. We both were women about the situation we were in.

"We were adults about it and I’m happy that she was happy to let her guard down and be good with me. She’s a lovely girl, I’m a girls’ girl so we’re all good."

Did Joanna Chimonides date Jack Fowler?

Joanna and Jack Fowler sparked dating rumours after they were pictured together looking very cosy.

It all began when fans took pictures of the two hugging after he greeted her at the airport shortly after she was booted from the villa.

Despite all the speculation surrounding their relationship, Joanna cleared things up in an exclusive interview with heat.

She admitted, "We've been friends for over ten years! We've always been there for each other, so when I turned around and he was there, my heart just melted.

"Jack's very protective of me."

jack fowler heat world

This all comes after Jack insisted the pair are good friends on Instagram. Addressing the rumours, he said, "I want to clear this up quickly... I've known Joanna since I was 11. So over ten years. Once I heard that she was going to go into the villa, naturally I was going to support her. As well as support her when she's out.

"Her family, friends and myself went to the airport to get her. And that's it. I went to her house afterwards – she had a family and friends' barbecue to come home to. I was there. That was it.

"It really isn't that deep."

Did Joanna Chimonides and Giovanni Pernice date?

Eagle-eyed fans noticed a certain Giovanni Pernice had been liking a LOT of Joanna's Instagram posts and after appearing on Joanna’s FUBAR Radio talk show, sources say the couple have hit it off.

"It's early days, but he seems to really like her as he's always liking her Instagram photos within minutes of her posting them," an insider told the same publication.

Who did Joanna Chimonides want to win Love Island?

Just like many other dumped Islanders, Joanna revealed she wanted Belle Hassan and Anton Danyluk win the show. She said, "I think Belle and Anton are going to go the distance and win and I will be very supportive of Belle."

How old is Joanna Chimonides?

Joanna is 25 years old.

Where is Joanna Chimonides from?

The Love Island 2019 star is from London.

What is Joanna Chimonides' job?

Before entering the Love Island villa, Joanna worked as a recruitment consultant. She's now an influencer like the majority of Islanders.

How does Joanna Chimonides rate herself?

Joanna is a confident girl, admitting she thinks she's a 7 out of 10. She said, "Id say I’m a 7 out of 10. My best feature is my nose, I’ve got a cute button nose and everyone compliments me on it."

Who is Joanna Chimonides' celebrity crush?

Just like most women in the world, Joanna's celebrity crush is Hollywood heartthrob Channing Tatum, with a bit of Chris Brown thrown into the mix. According to Joanna, if you could put Channing and Chris together, you'd create the 'perfect guy'.

Has Joanna Chimonides ever been cheated on?

Joanna has suffered heartache in the past. The influencer was cheated on in her first ever relationship, admitting it was an 'awful feeling'. Due to this, Joanna has revealed she would never cheat herself, because she knows how horrible it is.

She said, "A wandering eye? Everyone likes a bit of eye candy and if you get to know a person and get on with them better than who you are with then maybe it’s meant to be - a wandering eye can be good in a selfish way."

How can I follow Joanna Chimonides on social media?

You can follow Joanna on both Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date.

Instagram: joannachimonides

Twitter: jchimonides

Follow the rest of the Love Island 2019 cast on social media.

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