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The new season of Love Island really has got EVERYONE talking – thankfully for us, some of these chatterboxes are former Love Island alumni and now they’re living NDA-free lives, the tea is hot. Scalding, in fact.

Not only did the delightful Amy Hart just reveal that her and her fellow Season 5 Islanders got a whopping clothing allowance for the show, but now 2019 winner Amber Gill has let slip that some serious dirt about the show’s scrupulous audition process.

In a tweet last night, Amber revealed that Love Island producers made Season 5 contestants go through three interview stages before being allowed on the show.

Amber, never one to shy away from a truthful tweet, tweeted the following shortly after the first episode of Love Island Season 8 had aired:

“I would be fuming too. If someone else chose for me. I did 3 interviews telling you my preferences and you let the BOZOS pick!!? #loveisland”

Amber was referring to this season’s launch twist, where instead of being able to pick their other halves, Islanders were coupled up by the British public (the BOZOS). Fair play, we don’t always make the best choices.

This is hardly the first time former Love Island stars have revealed production secrets - from getting scouted on Instagram and opening up about the audition process, to STI checks in the villa.

This is hardly the first time former Love Island stars have revealed production secrets - and this isn’t the first time that our Amber has spilled loved Island tea either. In fact, she clearly can’t be trusted with a full cuppa (and we love her for it).

Last month, Amber gave away a saucy secret that could have changed her Love Island destiny entirely.

In an interview, Amber, who taught the whole nation to be better, not bitter, when it came to being dumped by Michael Griffiths, has admitted that she and her ex-partner Greg O'Shea had a HUGE argument just days before they were crowned winners.

Speaking with YouTuber Murad Merali, Amber claimed that things weren't as rosy as they seemed on screen, and said, "Me and Greg had the biggest bust-up you could ever imagine like we didn't want to know each other.

"We were like, 'Nah, we're not doing this, it's done,' it was a lot."

She added, "We ended up being separated and then we came back together because we did like each other at the time."

amber gill greg o shea
Amber and Greg split just a few months after their Love Island win ©Getty

Amber also revealed that she knew that her former flame Michael Griffiths had re-coupled with Joanna Chimonides in Casa Amor.

Speaking of the now historic moment, Amber said, "It was a lot bigger than it was. I felt sorry for my family having to watch it, thinking that I was distraught. It was more embarrassing.

"I knew. I'm not going to give away Love Island secrets because I love the magic of the show, but I was last in line, so everyone walks in in a line. I'm not daft, I know what's going on. It's about two hours, I'm outside, why am I last? Something, I don't know what, but something was going on."

Oooooooh, the secrets.

Other than being one the realest reality stars we’ve ever come across, here's everything you need to know about Geordie queen Amber...

Who is Amber Gill?

Amber Gill is a reality star and influencer who rose to fame on the fifth series of Love Island in 2019. Since winning the show, she’s worked with brands including Miss Pap and Littlewoods.

Amber also launched her own fitness plan Amber Flexx in February 2021.

How old is Amber Gill?

Amber is 24 years old. She was born on 4 August 1997.

Where is Amber Gill from?

Amber is originally from Newcastle but now lives in London.

When did Amber Gill win Love Island?

Amber took part in the summer 2019 series of Love Island and initially appeared to find love with Michael Griffiths, but he shocked us when he coupled up with Casa Amor bombshell Joanna Chimonides and left Amber single.

The former beautician later coupled up with late entrant Greg O’Shea just two weeks before the final. They went on to win the show and share the £50,000 prize money after beating Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury.

Is Amber Gill still with Greg O’Shea?

Although fans had high hopes for Amber and Greg to continue their relationship on the outside world, they split just five weeks after the final amid claims he dumped her via text.

At the time, Amber said, “Obviously I'm really disappointed, I wasn't expecting it at all. I was due just that weekend just gone to fly out to Dublin and spend the weekend with him and we were going on a TV show together and on that day I had to cancel because it wasn't working out.

“But yeah, I just think, you know the career and the distance was always a factor, it was always something that we knew about so I don't know what changed. I wanted to make it work but it is what it is really. I am disappointed that it's over but, you know, I'm booked and I'm busy. I'll be fine, onwards and upwards from here."

Amber Gill Love Island Greg O'Shea
It's claimed that Greg dumped Amber by text ©Getty

Greg later revealed his story behind their break-up as he admitted he couldn’t “give [Amber] what she wants or needs”.

He told, “She's class and she's got everything going for her. But the issue was, when I came home I stuck myself into training. I could have tried harder but that would have made her unhappy. I couldn't give her what she wants and needs.

“People kind of got the wrong story, they just saw 'Greg breaks up with Amber over text'. There was so much more to it. We were in person, we were FaceTiming, there was phone calls, back and forth, and then just one thing comes out. There's no point in even fighting it because you're just fighting a losing battle."

Does Amber Gill have a boyfriend?

It’s thought that Amber is single at the moment after she reportedly dumped secret boyfriend Rory Calhoun when his criminal past came to light. A source close to the Love Island star revealed how they had been in the early stages of a relationship before she learned he was jailed four four years in 2017 for attacking two nightclub doormen.

"Amber broke down today when she was told about Rory and his past. She had no idea about any of this," they explained.

Prior to this, Amber was linked to personal trainer Jon Hosking, although the reality star’s representative insisted they’re just friends. Amber also sparked rumours she was dating footballer Fikayo Tomori back in January 2020 after leaving a number of flirty comments on his Instagram.

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TV presenter and model Jayne Middlemiss was the first person to win Celebrity Love Island, alongside Fran Cosgrave. Nothing happened between the pair when they left the villa, with Jayne continuing with work in TV, including shows such as Celebrity Masterchef and Pointless. She's now a radio presenter!

Love Island Amber Gill and Ovie Soko
Amber and Ovie: just good friends ©Getty

Are Amber Gill and Ovie Soko just friends?

Amber and Ovie became pals in the Love Island villa but fans had always hoped their close friendship could blossom into a romance, especially after he split from India Reynolds. However, basketball pro Ovie cleared up in the speculation in December 2019 when he told the Mirror, "Amber's a friend" and that "it's gonna stay that way. 100%."

Amber also ruled out a romantic relationship with Ovie as she told OK!, "It's a weird thing for me because he's like my brother. I would prefer to have him as a friend. We have never really thought of each other like that – it's a bit strange that everybody comments on it all the time. I'm like, 'Oh my God, no, stop'."

What did Amber Gill say about the Lucie Donlan and Yewande Biala ‘bullying’ row?

Amber was caught in the middle of a row between her fellow Islanders Lucie Donlan and Yewande Biala when the Newquay surfer accused the Irish scientist of “bullying” her during their time in the villa. In response, Yewande hit back and claimed Lucie refused to call her by her name as she found it “hard to pronounce”.

Amber rushed to support her friend Yewande on Twitter as she recalled a confrontation from the villa. She wrote, “Na when she said can I call you 'Y' I said lol no you can’t can I just call you 'her' you were peaceful in that exchange It was me with the vim.”

In an exclusive chat with heat, Amber told us, “Well first of all I think that the word bullying is a bold accusation, it's a bold statement to make and I think people need to be careful about what they are saying.”

She added, “I just put that tweet out to make it known because what I was getting from what I was reading was that people didn't actually realise that it's disrespectful to not learn how to pronounce someone's name.”

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Why did Amber Gill fall out with Ellie Brown?

It was revealed last year that Amber fell out with 2017 Islander and former BFF Ellie Brown after she grew close to Amber’s ex Michael Griffiths when they filmed Celebrity Ex on the Beach.

Amber and her pal Anna Vakili were discussing Michael on heat’s Under the Duvet with VOXI when Anna let slip, “Is he with Ellie Brown now? I'm so confused. Ellie used to be your best friend didn't she, Amber?"

Amber did her best to move the conversation along, admitting "I don't talk about that, oh my God. This isn't Ex on the Beach" while Anna added, "It's just mad, isn't it?

"Babe I've got your back, don't worry. I'm just saying that if me and [Amber] ended up not talking, I wouldn't go there [with her ex]. That's just something that you don't do, no matter what. If at one point you're that close with someone, like you were with Ellie, you just don't go there."

How can I follow Amber Gill on social media?

Amber Gill's Instagram handle is amberrosegill. Simple as that. It's also the same on Twitter.

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