Love Island 2019: Everything you need to know about Michael Griffiths

He's tipped to appear on Ex on the Beach

Love Island's Michael Griffiths

by Carl Smith |

He was an original Islander, and Liverpool born Michael Griffiths certainly didn't disappoint on the 2019 series of Love Island!

After getting his head turned during Casa Amor, Michael left poor old Amber Gill for Joanna Chimonides, before Joanna was dumped and he tried to win back Amber. However, Amber decided to couple up with Irish hunk Greg O'Shea, in turn sending Michael home.

As Michael is now back in the UK, the Scouser has reportedly signed up to take part in MTV show Ex On The Beach.

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Who is Love Island's Michael Griffiths?

Michael is a firefighter who appeared as a contestant on the 2019 series of Love Island. He entered the villa on Day one, and left just one week before the final.

How old is Michael Griffiths?

  1. hun.

Is Michael Griffiths going on Ex On The Beach?

According to reports, former firefighter Michael, 28, is set to appear on the American celebrity special of Ex On The Beach alongside fellow Love Island stars Georgia Steel and Niall Aslam as well as Big Brother's Lateysha Grace and TOWIE's Lewis Bloor.

Where is Michael Griffiths from?

Michael's from Liverpool, and we could listen to his accent all bloomin' day tbh 😍.

Love Island's Michael Griffiths
Michael Griffiths ©ITV

When was Michael Griffiths dumped from Love Island villa?

After spending six weeks in the villa, Michael was dumped during the episode on Sunday 21st July. After the recoupling, which saw him being paired with Francesca Allen, a vote took place, which resulted in Michael and Francesca being in the bottom three.

Their fellow Islanders decided to save both Anna and Jordan, and Harley and Chris, meaning Michael and Francesca were sent packing.

Michael Griffiths and Amber Gill

After creating a cute friendship in the first few weeks, Michael and Geordie girl Amber Gill realised they had feelings for each other, later perusing a romantic relationship. Things seemed to be going very well for the pair, until they were separated during Casa Amor week.

Whilst Amber stayed loyal and slept on the day beds, Michael's head turned for new girl Joanna Chimonides. After Amber walked back into the main villa alone, Michael had chosen to recouple with Joanna, leaving Amber's heart broken

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Despite Amber telling the fireman she still had feelings for him, Michael continued his romance with Joanna, until she was dumped during a brutal shock dumping, and Michael decided NOT to leave with her.

Then, things took another twist when Irish hunk Greg O'Shea entered the villa and cracked on with Amber. Clearly jealous, Michael told Amber he'd realised his feelings for her, but Amber decided to couple up with Greg in the recoupling.

When Michael was dumped from the villa on Monday 21st July, he settled things with Amber, admitting he's happy she's found happiness with Greg.

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What did Michael say about Amber and Greg?

After leaving the villa, Michael said, "I did say I didn’t see Amber and Greg lasting but having spoken to her since I have seen more of them and seen how nice he is. Any conversation I’ve had with him has been really sweet and he has been so respectful about the situation. I said she needs to get to know him and give him a chance.

"Having seen them together more I see it working. He makes her smile and makes her laugh and she hasn’t instantly put her walls up with him. When I see him make her smile, it makes me smile."

Michael Griffiths and Joanna Chimonides

Michael's head was turned by Joanna when she entered the villa during Casa Amor week! Whilst many of their fellow Islanders felt Michael was forcing his feelings for her, the pair seemed strong, until THAT brutal dumping.

When Joanna was dumped, Michael made the decision to stay in the villa, much to the shock of his fellow Islanders and the viewers at home.

michael and joanna
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As he tried to win Amber back as Joanna watched on at home, the pair were then given an awkward reunion on Love Island: Aftersun.

Revealing he wants to talk to Joanna, Michael said, "I’m going to try and talk to Joanna but I know that she’ll have seen what’s gone on and I hope she understands I needed to make up to Amber. There was always going to be a natural draw between me and Amber because of how friendly we were. I did think about Joanna every day that she wasn’t there. She was always on my mind and I will try to speak to her.

What's Michael Griffiths' type on paper?

He says: "Somebody I can get along with on an intellectual level and have a conversation with and not be lost in translation. But also have a bit about them, not take themselves too seriously and have a bit of banter. And she’s got to have a nice bum."

Anything else, hun?

Who is Michael Griffiths' celebrity crush?

Michael reckons: "Dani-Leigh, she’s a singer from the States. She is new and up-and-coming but she is unbelievable."

Love Island's Michael Griffiths
Michael Griffiths ©ITV

Has Michael Griffiths ever cheated?

Nah, he's as #loyal as Georgia Steel. Almost.

He says: "I’ve been cheated on plenty of times but I am loyal. I think I’ve cheated once but it was more of a revenge cheat. I’ve had long-term relationships but I think I’ve had about four or five girlfriends. I’ve been loyal to all of them apart from one."

Love Island's Michael Griffiths
Michael Griffiths ©ITV

What is Michael Griffiths' biggest turn off?

"Somebody that smells! That’s an immediate turn- off."

How can I follow Michael Griffiths on Instagram and social media?

He's on Instagram @mac_griffiths and Twitter @mac_griff.

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