Love Island’s Greg O’Shea finally reveals truth behind Amber Gill split

And we can now sleep at night

Love Island's Greg O'Shea and Amber Gill

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Greg O’Shea and Amber Gill were the fastest winning couple to break up in Love Island history; but it turns out their split wasn’t quite as sinister as we’d assumed.

Greg had only been in the Love Island villa for 13 days before being crowned joint winner of the show’s fifth series last year. They then realised that they didn’t actually know each other very well and weren’t as well suited as fans had hoped.

We're not ashamed to say we genuinely shed a tear that day.

Love Island couples: where are they now?

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Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies (2017 Winners)

Kem and Amber stayed together for four months after they were crowned winners of the show, with Amber even moving in to Kem's family home in Essex. The pair, however, recently split for good following a string of rows and bust-ups, and a clashing of 'hectic work schedules'. They released a statement saying: "we still have a lot of love for each other and will remain good friends." Emosh... looks like Kem wasn't Amber's type on paper after all.

So, what really went on behind-the-scenes?

The Irish rugby player has now admitted that he could have tried harder to make the relationship work, but was focusing most of his energy on rugby training and “couldn’t give her what she wants and needs”.

Speaking to, he revealed that they had both spoken privately since their split and harboured no hard feelings towards each other.

Greg reckons: "She's class and she's got everything going for her. But the issue was, when I came home I stuck myself into training.

"I could have tried harder but that would have made her unhappy. I couldn't give her what she wants and needs.

"People kind of got the wrong story, they just saw 'Greg breaks up with Amber over text'. There was so much more to it.

Love Island's Greg O'Shea and Amber Gill

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"We were in person, we were FaceTiming, there was phone calls, back and forth, and then just one thing comes out. There's no point in even fighting it because you're just fighting a losing battle."

After their break-up back in 2019 (just one month after leaving the villa), the story broke that Greg had dumped Amber over text.

As a result, hardcore Amber fans started a social media hashtag: #unfollowgreg. Greg admitted that all the negativity surrounding their sudden split was hard to deal with.

But, explaining it's all in the past, Greg added: "Me and Amber have spoken privately, I don't think anyone really knows this.

"We've spoken privately since and we're both like yeah, no hard feelings, we probably could have dealt with the situation better.

"We get on and there's no hard feelings, that’s all that matters really."

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