Victoria Beckham facing months without David

Separate lives beckon for the Beckhams

David and Victoria Beckham

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During their 23 years as a couple, David and Victoria Beckham have never spent as much time together as they have over the past two months, thanks to being locked down on their Cotswolds estate with their three youngest children (eldest son Brooklyn Beckham, 21, is isolating in America with his girlfriend).

And while it may look idyllic from the Instagram posts they’ve been sharing – and despite sources telling us that Posh has never felt closer to David – we’re also told she feels their happiness is on borrowed time and everything will change once life gets back to more normality.

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“At the moment, everything is fine, as they’re in their Cotswolds bubble,” our Beckham insider says. “But they know this can’t last forever and Vic is terrified they’ll have to start living separate lives again as they try and rebuild their businesses – with her based in London and David mainly in Miami. There have been arguments between them about it, and what they are showing on social media doesn’t tell the full story – it’s not as perfect as it looks. Vic feels like they’re sometimes being torn apart and once lockdown ends, it’s going to be very tough on them.”

Just before they went into quarantine, David, 45, launched his own football team, Inter Miami, following years of hard work, and had been looking forward to splitting his time between Florida and the family home in London as he got the club established. But, like all sports teams across the world, they haven’t been able to play for the past two months and it doesn’t look like the US league will start any time soon. The insider says David is worried what this means for the club and knows that once movement is allowed between countries again, he’ll need to head straight there.

And with the new government-imposed two-week quarantine for anyone entering the UK, he won’t be able to jet between there and London as easily as before, so it’s looking likely he’ll be based in Miami for the whole summer.

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Meanwhile, Victoria, 46 – who caused a scandal when it was revealed she was going to furlough some of her staff with taxpayers’ money, before she backtracked – needs to be in London, where her fashion business is based. Our source says she’s desperate to save its reputation and, like all fashion houses, the pandemic has hit sales hard.

“Brand Beckham has been in serious trouble lately, what with the furlough disaster and the subsequent backlash over their lavish lifestyle,” we’re told. “David is taking the lead when it comes to doing some damage control and he’s had to lay down the law with Vic about some changes to their lifestyle, which has left her feeling anxious about how they will affect their marriage.”

The source continues, “David has told Vic they can’t be the globetrotting couple they once were. He’s suggested some serious changes, which will likely see him spending months at a time alone in Miami, while she is in the UK trying to figure out a way to keep her business going. She’s devastated. Realistically, David thinks it’s going to be a very long time before everything goes back to normal, and he doesn’t want to be part of a privileged celebrity crowd who are seen as breaking the rules by jetting around, while others can’t.”

Victoria Beckham

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The source adds that David knows their brand can’t afford to be caught up in another scandal and, while he wants to be in London with Vic and their youngest kids – Romeo, 17, Cruz, 15, and eight-year-old Harper – he’s committed to being in Miami, to avoid the embarrassment and financial loss if his venture failed before it properly started.

“David doesn’t want them to be judged and feels that the next few years will be a different time – they can’t always be jetting around together,” we’re told. “He thinks it’s only fair they reduce their carbon footprint, too, but Vic is terrified that it means she’ll be alone with the kids. She’s also worried that David is secretly enjoying the idea of having the extra freedom.”

The source continues, “David has said the British public will only give them a few more chances before they turn on them, and they need to watch out for tone-deaf behaviour. There’s no way he can just ditch his venture in Miami, so he feels there’s no choice but to base himself there while Vic stays in the UK with the kids. It’s come as a massive shock to Vic, who can’t help but feel this will cause issues with the marriage. At the same time, she doesn’t want to incur public anger, or be seen as selfish or reckless if she starts travelling all around the world, while other people suffer.”

The source adds that, as much as Victoria wants her family to all be together, she knows that this is a sacrifice they will have to make if they want Brand Beckham to survive. “This is the worst-case scenario, but she’s not really sure what other options there are,” our source says. “She agrees that flying back and forth between the UK and Miami would be a terrible look for the family, so she has to just accept the fact that she and David will be leading separate lives on a temporary basis.”

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