Love Island’s Joe Garratt: when did he join TOWIE and who is he dating?

From Love Island to TOWIE...

Love Island's Joe Garratt

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It's been three years since Joe Garratt entered the Love Island villa and a lot has changed.

He's no longer dating Lucie Donlan, he's now best friends with Yewanda Biala and he's joined TOWIE.

He entered the villa as a catering company owner aka the 'Sandwich Man' but now he's a full time influencer. So here's everything you need to know about Love Island's Joe...

Who is Love Island's Joe Garratt?

Joe was a catering company owner who, before going on Love Island, thought his "fun" outlook on life made him the "perfect Islander."

Chatting about his best and worst personality traits, Joe said, "I’m fun, I’m a bit of a romantic as well and I don’t take life too seriously. I’m chilled out and I’m quite laid-back.

"It could be a positive or a negative that I don’t take things too seriously all the time but in a relationship that’s quite hard... Some girls don’t like that!

"Sometimes I joke around too much. I’m also quite indecisive and I’ll question things. I’m always late as well, I can be super late!"

However nowadays he's an influencer and model.

What happened with Joe Garratt and Lucie Donlan?

Having initially coupled up with Lucie from the beginning their romance went from strength to strength and they even gave their relationship an 'exclusive' label.

But, their fellow Islanders didn't fall for it, as they voted for them as one of the least compatible couples in the villa. A shock twist meant the public had to decide to keep either Lucie or Joe, with the public choosing surfer Lucie.

love island joe lucie
joe and lucie were coupled up on the show ©ITV

Joe's exit came amid controversy, following many viewers criticising him for his 'controlling' behaviour whilst Womens Aid released a statement about their relationship.

At the time Joe said he is going to wait for Lucie on the outside but she moved on with bombshell George Rain and she tried to make a move on Tommy Fury... Even though he was with Molly-Mae Hague.

However after Lucie was booted from the show they reunited but it didn't last.

When did Joe Garratt leave Love Island 2019?

Happy chappy Joe was the second boy to leave the villa after a shocking double dumping meant he had to pack his bags and head back to London.

Do Joe Garratt and Lucie Donlan still speak?

We highly doubt it especially because Joe is BFFs with Yewande who had a secret feud with Lucie that didn't air on TV.

How old is Joe Garratt?

Joe's 25 years old.

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Where is Joe Garratt from?

Joe is actually from Kent.

What's Joe Garratt's type on paper?

He's not fussy, apparently.

Joe says, "I don’t really have a specific type. For me, it’s just more how we click, if she is fun, outgoing and doesn’t take herself too seriously and is open to talk about things. I’m looking for a connection, obviously initial attraction is key but the connection is the main go-to."

Who is Joe Garratt dating?

love island joe garratt
joe has joined the towie cast ©ITV

Well, after meeting and sparking rumours at the NTAs 2021, it turns out that Joe is dating TOWIE star Frankie Sims.

Has Joe Garratt joined TOWIE?

He sure has.

Joe wouldn't be the first Love Island star on TOWIE either. Viewers have seen Nathan Massey, Cara De La Hoyde, Olivia Attwood and Kady McDermott all join the Essex show.

Who is Joe Garratt's celebrity crush?

He's said, "I really fancy Jorja Smith, I really fancy Lily Collins and then I really fancy Amber Heard."

Love Island's Joe Garratt
Joe was on love island in 2019 ©ITV

Has Joe Garratt ever cheated?


He reckons, "When I’m committed to somebody, I’ve only got eyes for them. I’ve never cheated and I’ve never been cheated on. I’m not that type of guy. If I’ve got eyes for somebody then I commit to them."

What is Joe Garratt's claim to fame?

He used to play semi-professional rugby.

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How can I follow Joe Garratt on Instagram and social media?

He's on Instagram over @josephgarratt.

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