Kem Cetinay: what is the Love Island 2017 winner doing now?

He's a reality TV veteran now

Kem Love Island

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Kem Cetinay was easily one of the best Love Islanders ever, ever EVER. (And even then, he'd only be beaten by Alex Bowen and his mighty trouser snake, which is a bit of an unfair contest really.)

Kem literally made our lives on Love Island in 2017, spitting bars, cutting everyone's hair and looking uncannily like Arg from TOWIE. Not forgetting his dramatic anecdotes in the beach hut.

He also talked a lot about hummus, and even though we don't think he’s referring to the pot of joy from Sainsbury's fridge aisle - we also really like hummus.

Since then he's starred on Dancing on Ice, he has presented on the tele and took part in Soccer Aid.

So who is is Kem Cetinay from Love Island 2017? Let's get all investigative shall we…

Where is Kem Cetinay from?

The "cheeky chappy" is a hairdresser from Essex, and we’re not surprised judging by his glossy long locks.

How tall is Love Island's Kem Cetinay?

Kem was the shortest guy during the 2017 series and according to his mum he's 5ft 8in.

"We're a short family," she told new! magazine.

Did Kem Cetinay rap in the Love Island villa?

Yes he sure did and everyone was obsessed. Here's Kem and Chris Hughes spitting bars in the villa...

And since then he release the absolute banger Little Bit Leave It alongside Chris Hughes.

Are Kem Cetinay and Chris Hughes still friends?

The majority of Love Island relationships don't last but the friendships usually do and that includes Chris and Kem's.

In a recent TikTok, during a Q&A, Kem opened up about whether he's still friends with Chris.

"Of course, that's my bro," he admitted.


Is Kem Cetinay going on TOWIE?

Not every Essex celeb goes on TOWIE (unfortunately) and that's including Kem.

Back when he was still dating Amber, in 2017, he shut down TOWIE rumours.

"No, me going on Towie has never been discussed. It was obvious for people to assume that because I'm from Essex and I know the guys on there.

"But for me like at the moment that's not the type of route I want to go down because I want to do things with Amber," he told The Sun.

Then again, and in the words of Justin Bieber, never say never...

What is Kem Cetinay like IRL?

Before going into the villa Kem described himself as "really funny" and "enjoyable to be with", but also rather emotional - "I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm all in or out, nothing in between".

Well, he's been in the spotlight for the past four years and it's safe to say he wasn't lying.

Kem Cetinary
kem showing off his six pack ©Instagram / kemcetinay

What does Kem Cetinay look like with short hair?

A BLOODY DREAM, MATE. Honestly, someone grab us a desk fan, pronto. Have a look at Kem with short hair for yourself and be prepared for potential heart burn sitch. (Cause he's hot... get it??)

Though if Kem had short hair, would he be able to do this?

Kem Love Island
Kem rocking bunches in the villa

No, reader, he would not.

How old is Kem Cetinay?

Kem is 25 years old. His birthday is 25 April and he was born in 1996.

What is Kem Cetinay’s job?

Kem is not like every other hairstylist in Essex; as well as doing the odd bit of modelling, he is also responsible for some of the best haircuts in showbiz. Before going into the villa he claimed, "I've done hair for Spencer Matthews, Calum Best, and the TOWIE boys, Pete Wicks, Arg, the standard guys. I get on well with them. I do look at the way girls react to them and I do think, 'I wouldn't mind a bit of that!'".

Kem has since starred on Dancing on Ice and Celebrity Masterchef. He has also started presenting on This Morning and he hosts Love Island's The Morning After podcast.

What's the deal with Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies?

During their time in the villa they were like Romeo and Juliet 2.0. Kem gave Amber an adorable string bracelet to show his love and Ambz even hid a scented thong in his packing. Awww.

Then Kem asked Amber to be his girlfriend, leaving the cutest trail with everyone's phones and a delicately placed flower tugged from the villa garden next to each one.

kem and amber were coupled up in the villa ©ITV

However, the couple split in December 2017 (boo), lasting just 6 months outside the sunny climes of the villa.

They may have split four years ago but it appears that they're still on good term because in a recent TikTok he admitted, "We're good mates".

What is it like to date Kem Cetinay? (asking for a friend, honest)

Not one to shy away from the truth, Kem says that people who know just how cheeky he can really be would say, "Be careful because he might bin you after one date".


Thankfully, Kem explains this is actually a positive thing as "I don't want to waste my time or the girl's time, I can't bring myself to do that" which is kind of sweet and sensible, when you think about it.

He also said, "I don't want to be the macho guy. I'm feminine in a way - I don't mind sitting with a girl doing a face mask and having a gossip".

Apparently the most romantic thing Kem has ever done for a girl is buying her a life-size teddy bear (jel much?).

Does Kem Cetinay have Instagram or Twitter?

To take a sneak peak of his six-pack and see some exclusive pictures of Kem hair styling for the male stars of reality TV, find him on Instagram under @kemcetinay and on Twitter at @KemCetinay (You can thank us later).

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What's Kem Cetinay's biggest fear?

Kem lets us into a secret that he’s actually quite "clingy" when it comes to the world of dating.

"I fall for girls very easily. It's been my downfall because I make it so obvious when I like a girl”. He fears falling for a girl that may recouple with someone else - “I’d just start crying and going emotional," he says.

What would be Kem Cetinay’s perfect date?

Fun dates are the way to go for Kem, as he doesn’t like the conventional dinner dates you have to get all dolled up for. "I like cute things, a nice activity when you can laugh and giggle. My dream date would be going on one of those swans that you pedal in the sea. That would be a laugh".

Well, we're absolutely gutted that the Love Island producers didn't make a magical swan date happen.

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