Shaughna Phillips on ’ripping the plaster off’ as ex Billy Webb jailed for nine years

‘I've had other shit happen that I don't talk about ‘


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She didn't have the most successful time in the Love Island villa back in 2020, what with Callum Jones ditching her for Molly Smith and all.

However, Shaughna Phillips DID become a meme queen and cement herself as the ultimate cool, calm and collected girlie we all wish we could be with her iconic, "Congrats, hun."

Since Love Island 2020 finished, Shaughna has remained in the public eye and recently started a podcast called 'Oh Baby!' alongside pal Holly Connolly.

Shaughna Phillips

But that's not the only reason that Shaughna has been making headlines as the former Islander found herself caught up in drama when her ex, Billy Webb, was arrested earlier this year.

The new mum has kept quiet about the chaos surrounding her ex-boyfriend and the father to her daughter, Lucia, but in the most recent episode of Oh Baby!, Shaughna has finally opened up about the situation.

Her co-host, Holly, started the chat off, "There's been some stories in the press this week about your ex, Billy, Shaughna, Lucia's dad, and for legal reasons, you have not been able to talk about him for the last few months.

"But now that he's been sentenced, [you] are able to speak freely about what's gone on."

There was often a question mark as to why Shaughna had not spoken openly about what was going on with her and Billy, but now it has become clear that the reality TV star wasn't allowed to chat about the incident.

"I'm normally an open book. I'm normally like a chronic oversharer, but I've not been able to talk about certain things, and I'm always asked about my relationship status, and I've just not really been able to address it in the way I wanted to," Shaughna admitted.

Shaughna has opened up about her ex ©getty

"I've always thought, if I'm going to talk about something, I need to talk about it as openly as I can, and I just haven't been able to," she went on, "But, yeah, of course I can now. And this has kind of been a podcast episode that I've been dreading, but also needing. It's like a plaster. I need to rip the plaster off."

And rip the plaster off she did; Shaughna delved into deets surrounding the arrest, the following dramas and how it was a reminder of her past pain.

"So I was 30 weeks pregnant and just come back off of holiday, and I was actually doing a Love Island podcast, believe it or not. Ironic," Shaughna revealed, "I got a call to say that Billy had been arrested and that, kind of weirdly, my life kind of changed then, and I've been living in this. Listen, I don't want to say nightmare, but I've been living in this weird life that I never, ever anticipated I would be living."

"This definitely wasn't what I ever planned. I never thought this was going to be my life," Shaughna confessed, "But I've had bad shit happen in my life before any of this happened. So I kind of draw on that. Obviously, my dad passed away when I was 22...before Christmas. To me, that is horrific."

Shaughna continued to explain how her history has changed her outlook on life.

"I've had other sh*t happen that I don't talk about, but that completely changed my outlook on life," Shaughna went on, "So even though this is bad, of course it's bad. I feel like my bar is so low on how bad things can be that it stops me from wallowing in self pity and thinking, 'Oh, my God, my life's so bad,' because I've experienced it and I know how terrible, terrible things can be."

Props to Shaughna for maintaining a positive energy despite a trying time. The Islander turned podcaster also spoke on the episode about her daughter Lucia and her current relationship with Billy, confirming that she does take her daughter to see him.

Oh Baby! with Shaughna Phillips and Holly Connolly is available wherever you get your podcasts.

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