Love Island’s Jess White reveals her MUM was on an iconic reality TV show

Jess enters the Love Island 2024 villa TONIGHT

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We haven't even met this year's batch of Love Island stars yet (well, we have – come on, we're heatworld 💅) and we just know they're going to serve up an absolutely BANGIN' summer season. As much as we're looking forward to watching Maya Jama slow-mo walk into that villa like some ethereal goddess and seeing the villa glow up, it's the Islanders that make the series – and we've got a feeling a about this lot (and remember, we're heat, we know stuff).

One of the Love Island 2024 OGs entering the Majorca villa on Monday 3 June is Jess White (that just sounds like an Islander, doesn't it?) and it seems the soon-to-be reality star is, in fact, following in her mum's footsteps when it comes to dating reality shows. Well, sort of, her mum was basically on Blind Date once upon a time.

Which to us, is beyond iconic.

Jess White
Jess White ©©ITV

Talking to reporters ahead of her Love Island debut, she said, "So my mum went on – when she was younger – she went on the knockoff version of Blind Date with someone called Bruce something. I can't remember his name."

We THINK she's talking about Love On A Saturday Night which was hosted by Davina McCall in 2004. Not us trying to work out the baby maths...

She continued, "And there's video footage of it somewhere. My grandad tried to dig it out for us the other day. We can't find it anywhere. So that's a no go, but I'm basically doing the modern day version of what she did when she was like 18. My mum was like dead supportive, and my step dad as well. He's like an icon. He's like, 'That's amazing. Go on, live your best life' all that stuff. So, so positive."

Who is Jess White?

Jess is one of the new Islanders taking part in Love Island 2024.

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How old is Jess White?

She is 25 years old.

Where is Jess White from?

Jess is from Stockport.

What does Jess White do for a living?

She is a Retail Manager.

What is Jess White looking for on Love Island?

Jess ©©ITV

In Jess' own words, "I would say nice teeth, I love a set of white Turkey teeth but a good set of Turkey teeth. I would say personality traits, you have to be family orientated. I’m so close to my mum and I’d like my future partner to be really close with their family too. You have to be tall, you can’t be shorter than me, I can't be having to question whether I can wear heels around you and what height of heels I can wear. If you’re vertically challenged, it’s not for me."

Is Jess White on Instagram?

Obv. You can follow her at @jessamywhite, but remember, it will be inactive while she is in the villa.

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