Love Island 2024: rumoured contestant, start date and host

Love Island 2024 is starting real soon

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SOMEHOW a new series of Love Island is just around the corner.

We're saying that like we're not obsessed with the show – we obviously are, but we genuinely thought we had a few months breather before the summer series launched. As we say, we love it, but working at heat while a series of Love Island is airing is like working in a supermarket the week before Christmas. We deserve the downtime before and after.

Anyway, according to reports, the newest series of civilian Love Island is not only just around the corner, it's a matter of weeks away. Not only that, but we have our very first rumoured contestant.

Love Island is back ©©ITV

When is Love Island back?

Insiders have claimed that Love Island 2024 will launch on Monday 3 June 2024, just over eight weeks away – which actually makes sense as historically (since 2017) the summer series has always kicked off in the first week of June.

Insiders told The Sun, "Fans will be pleased as it's just nine weeks away - summer doesn't start until Love Island is back on TV."

That's a fair assessment as it looks like a dystopian Charles Dickens novel outside the window right now.

love island joanna, casey, arabella and molly
we'll have two series in 2024 ©ITV

Love Island 2024 will be the second series to air on ITV this year, following a successful All Stars series.

ITV is yet to confirm the official start date of Love Island 2024.

Who is hosting Love Island 2024?

It is believed that Maya Jama – who took over from previous host Laura Whitmore in 2022 – will return to her hosting duties for this summer's edition of Love Island. If she doesn't, we're going on strike. We mean it.

No one slow-mo walks into a villa the way Maya slow-mo walks into a villa.

Maya ©©ITV

Who will be on Love Island 2024?

Love Island loves a nepotism baby- see Dani Dyer, Gemma Owen and Claudia Fogarty for reference - so it's no surprised that execs are apparently shopping around for the next famous bombshell of 2024.

The very first rumoured Islander is Gigi Simon, the daughter of none other than Celebrity Big Brother's Lauren Simon. There's currently a Love Island / Real Housewives of Cheshire crossover shaped hole in our lives, so this would really make our dreams come true.

Who won Love Island All Stars?

The first ever Love Island All Stars series was won by Molly Smith and Tom Clare – this winter.

Molly Smith and Tom Clare won All Stars earlier this year
Molly Smith and Tom Clare won All Stars earlier this year ©ITV

Who won Love Island 2023?

Last summer's series of Love Island was won by faves Jessica Harding and Sammy Root – alas, they called it quits weeks after picking up their prize money.

While Sammy is single, Jess has moved on with her new boyfriend.

Jess Harding and Sammy Root won Love Island 2023
Jess Harding and Sammy Root won Love Island 2023 ©Photo by Ricky Vigil M / Justin E Palmer/GC Images

Is Love Island 2024 series 11?

Somehow, yes.

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