Love Island: meet Josh Sunday Oyinsan – the Islander with PLENTY of celebrity connections

Everything to know about Josh including his height, age and link to Manchester United’s Paul Pogba

Josh Sunday Oyinsan Love Island

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It’s safe to say that everyone who goes on Love Island is ridiculously attractive - and set to make the iconic villa even hotter is 6ft 5 Josh Sunday Oyinsan, who entered as a bombshell alongside Reuben Collins.

In fact, Josh is so attractive that not only does he work as a model, but he also once stood in for former Manchester United footballer Paul Pogba during a TV advert and became friends with him in the process.

Now hoping to take his turn to win over the ladies of Love Island - and pursue a career as an influencer of course – Josh has his eye on several of the girls in the villa. We’re talking Mimii [Ngulube], Uma [Jammeh] (who has sadly quit), Grace [Jackson] and Jess [Spencer]. He says, “All of the girls there are beautiful.”

Josh Sunday Oyinsan Love Island.

And he might have the upper hand because Josh is already mates with Islanders like Montel McKenzie (who you may remember had a brief fling with Leah Taylor on series ten) and Jordan Odofin (who you probably won’t remember, he entered the villa alongside Casey O’Gorman in series nine).

How is Josh hoping to win over the ladies?

“My vibe, my looks – I think I’ve got a good smile, my height and my personality,” he admits. Very specific and unique. We think he’s got a good chance of finding his better half in the Love Island villa.

When asked why he’s currently single and has turned to ITV for assistance, he replied, “Because I’m picky! I’m very picky. I get the ick easily… I’m looking for a genuine connection, someone who is easy-going, funny, beautiful and fun.”

How old is Josh Sunday Oyinsan?

One of the older Islanders in the 2024 villa, Josh is 29 years old.

love island josh and reuben
josh (left) and reuben (right) entered the villa and caused a stir ©ITV

Where is Josh Sunday Oyinsan from?

Josh hails from Dartford, but he also apparently has citizenship in Nigeria.

What does Josh Sunday Oyinsan do for a living?

It’s almost become essential criteria for being on the show at this point for the Love Island boys, but Josh is a semi-pro footballer and model. He currently plays for Hemel Hempstead Town but has previously played for clubs like Eastbourne and Peterhead.

love island josh and mimii
mimii and josh have recoupled in the villa ©ITV

How tall is Josh Sunday Oyinsan?

Sure to tower over the girls, Josh stands at an impressive 6ft 5.

What is Josh Sunday Oyinsan’s Instagram?

You can follow Josh on Instagram @joshoyinsan26

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