Love Island’s Samantha Kenny: her age, Instagram and job outside of the villa

She's currently coupled up with former TOWIE star, Joey Essex


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Love Island is back baby and what a week we've had already.

Every year we tell ourselves that we won't become obsessed with the hot AF contestants who saunter into the villa wearing metallic bikinis and neon trunks and every year, we fail.

MAJOR Love Island 2024 spoilers incoming by the ways, guys. You have been warned.

sam and samantha
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We all saw Joey Essex be announced as the latest bombshell, right?

We aren't losing our god damn minds.

He is now coupled up with Liverpudlian beauty queen Samantha Kenny – following particularly brutal dumping of Sam Taylor – the and is it just us or does she give Lucinda Strafford energy?

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Who is Samantha Kenny?

Samantha is one of this years Islanders looking for love in the villa and has her sights set on a certain type of fella, "I love a cockney boy so I’m hoping there is one in there for me."

How about an Essex fella, Samantha? How about Joey Essex, Samantha?

How old is Samantha Kenny?

She is 27 years old and she has a late August birthday which makes the new Love Island 2024 girlie is a Virgo.

Where is Samantha Kenny from?

Samantha is from Liverpool, let's hope she is as iconic as season one and returning All Star icon Hannah Elizabeth.

Samantha and mimi
Samantha and mimi ©itv

What does Samantha Kenny do?

She is a make up artist as well as an influencer and has worked with the jewellery brand Say it With.

What is Samantha Kenny's type?

According to the Liverpudlian she's after a southerner, "If I want a night out I go down to London as I love the boys down south. Tall, dark and cockney is my type."

samantha ©itv

Does Samantha Kenny have Instagram?

She sure does: @samanthakennymakeup. Her grid if ofc rather empty atm, what would her being in the Love Island villa and all that.

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