Love Island 2024: dumped Islander Sam Taylor reveals what he really thinks of Joey Essex

Sam was dumped on day two of Love Island 2024

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Okay, Love Island viewers, firstly, is everyone doing okay?

A LOT has happened in just the first two days of Love Island 2024, and while we've loved the 0 to 60 in 3.5 vibe of the series so far, it's been A LOT.

Not only did Love Island producers send shockwaves across the entire nation by sending TOWIE's Joey Essex into the villa as the series' first ever bombshell, but we've already lost one of the boys after two days.

Sam has been dumped from the villa
Sam has been dumped from the villa ©©ITV

We just need a sit down to catch our breath and maybe have a little cry, tbh.

Joey was tasked with 'stealing' one of the girls away from one of the boys after just 24 hours in the villa, and in the end, he chose Liverpudlian make-up artist, Samantha Kenny, leaving hairdresser Sam Taylor single and dumped. Savage doesn't seem a strong enough word.

And we'll be honest, it hurt more because the heatworld team have been seriously crushing on Sam. And who could blame us? The Wolverine vibes, the mullet, the tattoos, those blowdrying powers? Stop.

Sam Taylor
Sam Taylor ©©ITV

This scruffy, bearded mullet man was giving us all sorts of feels and let's just say it now; if they don't chuck him back into Casa Amor à la Molly Marsh, we will take issue.

And if we were Sam, honestly, we'd be feeling a little sore towards Joey right now (after all, it's fair to say Joey has had his moment in the spotlight over the years), but in his exit interview with Love Island producers, Sam revealed that although he is "disappointed", there's no bad blood there.

Samantha and Joey are now in a couple
Samantha and Joey are now in a couple ©©ITV

He revealed, "When Joey walked in I had a feeling I might be in trouble. Samantha is a stunning girl and I knew that they would get on."

Speaking of Joey, Sam continued, "It was so nice to meet him, he’s such a big character, it was great getting to know him. Ultimately, he had to do what he had to do which didn’t work in my favour but no hard feelings."

Oh, great. Now we're crushing even harder.

Who is Sam Taylor?

Sam was the first dumped Islander on Love Island 2024.

Sam is set to appear on Love Island 2024
Sam is set to appear on Love Island 2024 ©©ITV

How old is Sam Taylor?

He is 23 years old.

Where is Sam Taylor from?

Sam is from Chesterfield in Derbyshire.

What does Sam Taylor do for a living?

He is a hairdresser.

Ahead of his debut, Sam said, "How I look compared to what I do for work might not necessarily add up. You wouldn’t look at me as a tall guy covered in tattoos and think that I make girls' hair look pretty for a living."

Is Sam Taylor still on Love Island?

Sadly not. Sam was dumped on day two after Joey Essex stole Samantha Kenny from him in one of the most brutal dumpings in Love Island history.

Does Sam Taylor have Instagram?

Because we know you've been looking for it.

You can follow Sam at @samtaylorhair.

Does Sam Taylor have TikTok?

He does, but he hasn't been active on it for a couple of years. You can follow him at @samtaylorhair.

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