EXCLUSIVE Casa Amor’s Diamanté Laiva and Ruby Dale expose Sean Stone rule break and they want him OUT

To be fair, this is a legitimate Love Island rule break...

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When it was confirmed that dumped Casa Amor queens Diamanté Laiva and Ruby Dale were going to be paying us a visit at heat HQ to talk about their short but sweet (no pun intended) time on Love Island, we had an inkling cringey Candyman Sean Stone was going to be a sour topic. After all, the OG did pursue both Diamanté and Ruby at the same time during Casa Amor week, while his bae Matilda Draper was away.

Sean and Diamanté grew close in Casa Amor
Sean and Diamanté grew close in Casa Amor ©©ITV

For a time, both Casa girls thought there was a chance Sean might bring them back to the main villa, but in the end, he chose to remain loyal to Matilda come the recoupling. Obv, we use the word 'loyal' very loosely because Love Island and because Sean.

Nevertheless, Sean's decision left Diamanté and Ruby packing and while we fully expected a sprinkling of Sean shade in this exclusive interview, we had no idea they actually wanted him out of the villa. But just not for revenge; for a legitimate rule break (well, sort of).

Speaking exclusively to heat, just hours after touching down in the UK, Ruby began the tea-spilling by revealing that, in fact, none of the girls found Sean's candy-based flirting sexy; in fact, it gave Ruby the major ick. Absolutely fair.

Casa Amor girls Lucy and Ruby
Casa Amor girls Lucy and Ruby ©©ITV

She said, "Nobody likes the candy-based jokes, I'm just putting this out there very plain and simple; you didn't see this, but behind the scenes I actually told Sean, 'You're cringing me out, please stop', and he was like, 'What? What? What?', and I was like, 'You're just self promoting right now, just stop'."

This took the conversation in an unexpected direction; suddenly we're learning that these girls were getting fed up with Sean (allegedly) trying to promote his sweet business via Love Island – a big Love Island no-no we might add.

Prior to meeting Sean, Ruby admitted, "We all wanted to know what sweet we were. We all wanted to know that before going into the villa – this is before we knew what the Candyman was about. But no one enjoyed it. No one enjoyed the sweetness."

Sean ©©ITV

Diamanté then interjected – albeit kind of joking – saying that Sean was actually breaking the rules by constantly talking about sweets in the villa and alluding to his sweet business back home. She said, "I'm not being funny, in Love Island lore, it's actually illegal to self-promote your business, so I'm going to be writing a letter to the villa to get Sean out. He knows what he's doing."

Obsessed with the phrase 'Love Island lore' and the word 'illegal' here, btw. Such high drama. But we have to say, we kind of see her point...

Not that we want to lose any more Islanders anytime soon.

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