EXCLUSIVE Dumped Casa Amor girls spill the tea on those Wil Anderson and Uma Jammeh exit rumours

AND share some THOUGHTS on the real Wil

Uma and Wil

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The last few days have delivered non-stop Love Island drama for fans and the Islanders living out this paradise/nightmare. Not only have we had the chaos of Casa Amor, but we've had the Casa Amor recoupling (predictably brutal), the Love Island Film festival, and now, the dumped Casa bombshells are back in Blighty and having their say.

We say this year after year, but interviewing dumped Casa Amor bombshells is a real highlight for us showbiz journos; they're fresh out of the villa and looking for revenge on those who have scorned them back in Majorca – obviously gold dust to us.

Ruby and Diamanté
Ruby and Diamanté ©heatworld

Naturally, when we invited Ruby Dale and Diamanté Laiva round to heat HQ for a tea-spilling sesh, we expected a fair bit of Sean Stone scalding. Obv, the Candyman's name was brought up in many a shady comment, but the girls didn't reserve their tea spilling for Seany; no, no, some of their hottest tea was spilled while they were discussing those Uma Jammeh and Wil Anderson exit rumours. ICYMI, according to reports, Will was recently dumped from the villa and Uma followed him out...

A source has told The Sun, "The villa is so full that people are sleeping on the day beds.

"So producers decided it was a good idea to trim the fat and called another dumping soon after Movie Night.

"What they were not expecting was the partner of the individual axed wanting to leave.

"That rarely ever happens. And the person was one of the most popular in the villa.

"There are also more bombshells on the way that they could have had a better connection with."

Diamanté referred to WIl as 'horrible'
Diamanté referred to WIl as 'horrible' ©©ITV

It has since been leaked that said individuals were Wil and Uma, although this is yet to be confirmed by ITV.

Obv, we had to ask the girls whether these rumours were true, and while they didn't divulge anything concrete, they did make their true feelings about Will known, claiming that in Casa Amor they saw a different Wil to what's being show on telly – a Wil that's allegedly "horrible".

Ayo, Joey and Wil
Ayo, Joey and Wil ©©ITV

Ruby leaned forward and revealed, "I feel sorry for Uma because, obviously, it's hard when you're in the villa - you're in a bubble. You're away from the real world. You only know what you're hearing from your partner, from your friends in there, and obviously, I feel like Uma's emotions and feelings in there are very real. She seems like a girl's girl; she seems very true. Unfortunately, I feel we (Ruby and Diamanté) saw a different side to Will than we've seen on TV..."

Diamanté interjected, "A horrible side."

Shots fired.

Ruby continued, "[He's] not someone we would be friends with and I feel like Uma's going to look back and regret her decision and I do feel a bit sorry for her. I feel like she's such a good girl, but she will come out better in the end."

Uma has allegedly left the villa
Uma has allegedly left the villa ©©ITV

Diamanté concluded, "She shouldn't have left, if she has. If she has I will be a bit disappointed."

With Ruby adding, "If the shoe was on the other foot, Wil wouldn't have left her."

Sounds fairly concrete to us. Unfortunately.

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