Love Island: Patsy Field shades Casa Amor girl after ‘savage’ recoupling

Only two of the Casa Amor bombshells made it back to the main villa

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Was that one of the most dramatic recouplings in Love Island history?

If you aren't up to date with what went down in the Love Island 2024 villa after the always chaotic Casa Amor week, we're going to need you to watch the episode PRONTO.

Of course we all knew that Nicole Samuel and Ciaran Davies were going to remain loyal, although that didn't stop Maya Jamafrom shedding a tear at the "lovely" reunion, but there were other couples we weren't so sure about.

Casa girls 2024
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One duo that was very much up in the air was Wil Anderson and Uma Jammeh. Although Uma didn't stray during her time with the 'Casanovas' the same could not be said for her partner as he shared a few kisses and cuddles with Scottish babe Lucy Graybill.

When Uma returned to the main villa looking all kinds of gorge in a cobalt maxi dress, she was beyond ecstatic that Wil was waiting for her alone... but her happiness lasted for approximately 0.2 seconds.

Cue Casa girlie, Diamanté Laiva who couldn't help but let out a snort of laughter at all of the boys and their questionable behaviour.

wil and uma
wil and uma ©itv

The timing could not have been worse as it was right as Uma was struggling to hold back tears after realising Wil had locked lips with someone else.

The moment went viral on social media and even dumped Islander, Patsy Field, felt the need to comment on the awkward AF scenes.

Gaining over 13,000 likes, Patsy wrote a message on the official Love Instagram post calling out Diamanté's behaviour.

"Hopefully that was a bad camera angle because no one laughs at our girl Uma like that?? Hope your flight home was nice Diamanté x."

Shots fired.

Diamanté was understandably frustrated that she was left standing with the other dumped Casa girls as candy man Sean Stone had been snogging the face off her just hours earlier.

Sean decided to stick with Matilda Draper rather than picking Diamanté or Ruby Dale, both of whom he had been flirting with, and we have a feeling that Diamanté's giggle wasn't aimed at Uma but rather the situation.

Sean and diamante
Sean and diamante shared a kiss ©itv

It still didn't stop fans from calling her out with one adding, "Diamanté needed to humble herself cuz how’s she laughing when she’s not getting picked by ANYONE 🤨" and another writing, "I really don’t like Jess but Diamanté's laugh was spiteful behaviour and Jess was right to stick up for Uma."

But it looks as though some viewers think it's all about the editing as one voiced, "Diamanté wasn't even laughing at Uma 🙄 Stop trying to spin that narrative. She is annoyed with Sean and reacted to the conversation Maya was having with Wil."

Either way we have a feeling that both Wil and Sean will have a LOT of explaining to do. As for Diamanté, get her down to heat Towers immediately.

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